Students volunteer at a partnership restoration project | Credit: Anacostia Watershed Society

Engaging Partners

To solve the critical problems that threaten the survival of America’s wildlife and their habitats, the nation needs every possible resource. That’s why NFWF’s signature approach – bringing the public and private sectors together to maximize conservation impact – has proven successful.

NFWF uses federal funding as a springboard to leverage additional contributions from private sources, averaging a three-to-one return on investment. The Foundation's operations are structured to be as lean as possible, with just six percent of our budget going to administrative costs.

Since NFWF's founding in 1984, the Foundation has surpassed more than $3.8 billion in total conservation impact. NFWF's reputation for effectiveness is well-known among our partners, including 15 federal agencies and dozens of the nation’s leading corporations and foundations.  Working together, NFWF and its partners support science-based projects and community-driven solutions that protect and restore our precious natural heritage.



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NFWF and partners team up to make the Anacostia a healthier place to live.


 Featured Partner



In May 2012, ​Wells Fargo & Company announced the launch of a major partnership with NFWF: an environmental grant program aimed at awarding $100 million to nonprofit organizations and universities by 2020. The five-year program will combine NFWF's scientific expertise with Wells Fargo's philanthropic and volunteer resources to promote environmental stewardship in communities across the U.S.

Wells Fargo-NFWF grants will fund proposals focused in the following areas:

  • Sustainable agriculture and forestry

  • Conservation of land and water resources

  • Restoration of urban ecosystems

  • Clean energy infrastructure.