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​Sherfield Cave | Credit: Ethan Inlander
  • America's Great Outdoors: Landscape Conservation Stewardship Program

    The United States of America is facing unprecedented environmental pressures from development and global climate change.  As part of a national effort to develop a grassroots approach to conservation, the Landscape Conservation Stewardship Program aims to empower the American people in the conservation of our natural heritage.

    To achieve this goal, NFWF is cooperating with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Wildlife Refuge System to develop community-based conservation partnerships. These partnerships will help to conserve wildlife, plants and natural resources while fostering community interest and involvement on a national scale.Funding will be awarded through competitive grants for capacity building in the community, mentoring and training, developing outcomes to measure conservation success, and consolidating lessons learned into a ‘Great Outdoors America’ roadmap to assist new community-based coalitions.

    Funding priorities include:

    • capacity-building for new and existing coalitions
    • developing outcomes to measure conservation success on the landscape
    • mentoring and training sessions for new coalitions
    • fostering coordination between local communities and federal natural resource agencies.

    In 2012, approximately $180,000 will be available for matching grants nationwide.