• I am not an AZA-accredited member, can I apply to the Outreach and Education priority?
    Only AZA accredited members are eligible to apply for an outreach and education grant at this time. This is the case if you are applying for a national or regional project as well. If you are an NGO and want to apply for these funds, you can partner with an AZA member. The application should come from the AZA member for highest priority consideration.
  • Can you elaborate on when to include past Fishing for Energy grants in the proposal?
    For the Outreach and Education proposals, the reviewers may be interested in proposals that have key messaging that highlights successes of past grants awarded through the partnership. The partnership is not looking for new proposals that replicate the projects already awarded for outreach and education. You are not required to highlight past projects in your proposal.
  • Are funds available for removal projects?
    The Fishing for Energy program is not accepting proposals for direct removal grants in 2013. If you are looking for funding for removal grants, we recommend applying to NOAA's Community-based Marine Debris Removal Grant program. Their FY14 solicitation is currently accepting proposals until November 1, 2013.
  • I'm not sure I fit the eligibility requirements for this RFP, should I apply?
    If you are uncertain if you fit the eligibility requirements for the RFP, please contact Michelle Pico at pico@nfwf.org for clarification.
  • Is there a match requirement for this funding opportunity?
    Match is not required, however, projects with match will be more competitive for funding. While only non-federal funds can be counted towards your match ratio, you can include any federal matching funds in your application. The benefit of including federal matching funds is that it will help reviewers to understand the full scope of a project.
  • Can I include indirect costs in my budget?
    You many only include indirect costs, up to 15% of the overall budget, if you have a federally approved indirect cost rate agreement (NICRA) that is current. If you do not have a NICRA letter than you can only include costs directly related to the implementation of your project in this grant.

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