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​Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund Projects

Following consultation with state and federal resource agencies, NFWF has awarded funding from the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund to the projects listed below. To date, over $880 million has been awarded for projects designed to protect, restore and enhance natural and living resources across the Gulf Coast.


Enhanced Fisheries Monitoring in Alabama’s Marine Waters - Phase III (2016)

Fowl River Watershed Restoration: Coastal Spits and Wetlands Project – Phase I (2016)

Lightning Point Acquisition and Restoration Project – Phase I (2016)

Bon Secour - Oyster Bay Wetland Acquisition Project (2016)

Dauphin Island Conservation Acquisition (2016)

Gulf Highlands Conservation Acquisition (2016)

Previously Awarded GEBF Projects in Alabama


Enhanced Assessment for Recovery of Gulf of Mexico Fisheries - Phase IV (2016)

Restoring Florida's Shorebird & Seabird Populations – Phase I (2016)

Enhancement of Sea Turtle Stranding Response Capacity in Florida(2016)

Recovery and Resilience of Oyster Reefs in the Big Bend of Florida (2016)

Previously Awarded GEBF Projects in Florida


Mississippi River Mid-Basin Sediment Diversion Program Management (2016)

Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion: Engineering & Design - Phase II (2016)

Mid-Breton Sediment Diversion: Engineering & Design (2016)

Increase Atchafalaya Flow to Terrebonne: Engineering & Design (2016)

Adaptive Management: Louisiana River Diversions & Barrier Islands - Phase II (2016)

Previously Awarded GEBF Projects in Louisiana


Audubon Coastal Bird Stewardship in Mississippi - Phase I (2016)

Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Conservation, Recovery, and Monitoring Program (2016)

Previously Awarded GEBF Projects in Mississippi


Salt Bayou Beach Ridge Restoration - Engineering and Design (2017 - new)

Sabine Ranch Acquisition (2017 - new)

Hydrologic Restoration of the Salt Bayou Watershed (2016)

Smith Oaks Bird Sanctuary Rookery Island Restoration and Enhancement (2016)

Dollar Bay-Moses Lake Shoreline Enhancement and Restoration - Phase II (2016)

Follets Island Land Acquisition and Conservation Program (2016)

Mad Island Marsh Preserve Shoreline Protection and Coastal Ecosystem Restoration (2016)

Matagorda Wetlands Acquisition and Conservation (2016)

Dagger Island Restoration Project (2016)

Previously Awarded GEBF Projects in Texas


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