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Is this Program active?

This Program is inactive. Please apply through the Longleaf Stewardship Fund, if you are interested in this Program.

‚ÄčLongleaf Pine Seedling | Credit: Dot Paul/NRCS

Longleaf Legacy Program

Longleaf forests provide important habitat for bobwhite quail, red cockaded woodpecker, wild turkey, gopher tortoise, and a host of other plants and animals found nowhere else on earth. Longleaf ecosystems contain a stunning diversity of plants -- nearly 600 species have been recorded in these habitats, of which more than one-half are considered rare. Millions of people enjoy hunting, fishing, birding, hiking, and recreating in longleaf forests. Restoration of this ecosystem is a top priority for government agencies, conservation groups, and the public.

The Longleaf Legacy Program was launched in 2003 as one of the largest public/private funding efforts of its kind for conservation of the longleaf ecosystem. Priorities of the partnership include restoring longleaf on public lands, which includes conversion of non-native pine plantations; re-establishing ecosystem on sites adjacent to or near existing longleaf stands so as to maximize habitat area; replanting in areas that are high priority for wildlife conservation, such as red-cockaded woodpecker recovery sites ; and providing outreach and assistance to private landowners who are willing to manage longleaf on a long rotation to benefit wildlife.

This Program is no longer active. Please see the Longleaf Stewardship Fund home page for information on how to apply.


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