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  • Monarch Butterfly and Pollinators Conservation Fund

    The Monarch Butterfly and Pollinators Conservation Fund is now accepting 2018 grant proposals. This year, the fund is expected to award up to $1.6 million in grants.

    The Monarch Butterfly and Pollinators Conservation Fund supports work that advances the conservation of the monarch butterfly and other at-risk native insect pollinators. Originally named the Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund, the fund added the term ‘Pollinators’ to its title in 2018 to reflect an increased focus on a broader set of  priority species.

    Competitive grants are awarded in two categories:

    1. Habitat Improvement
      Grants are awarded to projects that create and sustain interconnected monarch and pollinator habitats to help support annual life cycle needs. Priorities include: restoring and enhancing breeding and migration habitat to support ample milkweed and diverse nectar plants; protecting and improving overwintering habitat; and developing sustainable and affordable supplies of native milkweed and nectar-producing plant seed and seedlings that can support habitat restoration efforts.

    2. Outreach and Organizational Coordination
      Grants are awarded to projects that increase capacity and coordination among organizations, states, and regions engaged in monarch and pollinator conservation. Priorities include: developing regional strategies and plans; building capacity and expertise; maximizing information exchange; and distributing information about on-the-ground conservation practices.

    Since 2015, the fund has awarded $11.1 million to 70 projects that are helping conserve and recover the monarch butterfly while also benefiting other pollinator species. Grantees have matched this investment with an additional $18.1 million, for a total on-the-ground impact of more than $29.2 million. This investment has provided support for:

    • ​Restoration/enhancement of 127,000 acres 
    • Propagation of 790,000 native milkweed/nectar plant seedlings
    • Collection of 13,200 pounds of native milkweed/nectar plant seed
    • Coordination of 730 workshops and meetings

    Administered by NFWF, the Monarch Butterfly and Conservation Fund is a publicprivate partnership that receives funding and other support from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Monsanto Company, Shell Oil Company, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Geological Survey, Bureau of Land Management and USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service.


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