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 Oregon Salmon Stronghold Watersheds Information

Beginning with the 2013 grant round, the Oregon Governor’s Fund for the Environment will be focused to align with Governor Kitzhaber's priority to ensure long term conservation of the state's wild salmon strongholds. Oregon's recognized strongholds include: the Tillamook/Nehalem, Illinois, North Umpqua, Sandy/Clackamas, Lower Deschutes, North Fork John Day, and Lower Grand Ronde (Joseph Creek, Minam River, and Wenaha River) watersheds (see below Figure).  

The stronghold watersheds have been identified based on the work done by the North American Salmon Stronghold Partnership and Wild Salmon Center, which used the following methodology to identify strongholds:

  1. Assess wild populations based on percent of natural origin spawners, life history diversity, and viability (productivity and/or abundance);
  2. Identify populations that meet or exceed the threshold for "strong, diverse, and wild";
  3. Identify and map salmon stronghold design alternatives, based foremost on the strong population data;
  4. Convene a team of regional conservation partners to review stronghold alternatives and agree upon a recommended set of salmon strongholds; and
  5. Present the recommended strongholds to the Stronghold Partnership Board for review and approval.

Additional information on the strongholds and the North American Salmon Stronghold Partnership can be found at: http://www.wildsalmoncenter.org/programs/north_america/strongholds.php