Pecos River
  • Pecos Watershed Conservation Initiative

    ​The Pecos Watershed Conservation Initiative supports conservation projects in the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico. The initiative identifies the most strategic conservation opportunities, and works to enhance and restore the natural resources and wildlife habitat in the region.   

    The Pecos River winds more than 900 miles from its headwaters in northern New Mexico through the borderlands of West Texas and southeast New Mexico. The river supports an ecosystem containing some of the highest levels of species diversity found anywhere in the world’s arid and semiarid ecosystems. This includes a large number of fish and other aquatic species found nowhere else. 

    These river-based habitats maintain a precarious existence, with high demands for water, unpredictable and limited precipitation, invasive species and the unintended consequences of land management choices made decades ago.

    Grasslands that historically covered a vast amount of the region have dwindled to just a fraction of their former extent and productivity. This puts pressure on the hardy wildlife that inhabit those areas, such as pronghorn. The grasslands are subject to the effects of frequent drought, fragmentation from development and brush encroachment which resulting from poor land management.

    The Pecos Watershed Conservation Initiative will:

    • ​Strengthen the health of existing habitats along the Pecos River and its tributaries in West Texas and southern New Mexico, including some of the last remaining populations of fish and other aquatic species found only in the Chihuahuan Desert
    • Improve the management and function of native grasslands, many of which have been negatively impacted by past management and fragmentation
    • Address water quality and scarcity concerns for wildlife and agricultural uses
    • Identify opportunities to relocate species to areas of their range where they have been lost or bolster small remnant populations.

    The Pecos Watershed Conservation Initiative is a partnership between NFWF, Anadarko Petroleum, Chevron, Noble Energy, Occidental Petroleum, Shell Oil Company, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s NRCS Texas, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s NRCS New Mexico and XTO Energy Inc.


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  • 3/31/2018
    Pecos Watershed Conservation Initiative Notification Deadline