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​Shortgrass prairie | Credit: Greg Knadle

​Easygrants Pre-proposal Fields

Below is an outline of the content of the Foundation’s baseline pre-proposal application. Depending upon the funding opportunity, there may be minor variations in required fields. This is to help applicants prepare for on-line submission; do not submit this document to the Foundation. Fields marked with an asterisk ( *) are required.

Organizational Information

Organization Name *

EIN/Tax ID *

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Country * (choose from a picklist)

Type * (choose from a picklist)

Primary Contact Information

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Position Title

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Project Information

Grant Amount Being Requested from NFWF *

Matching Amount Proposed *

Projected Grant Start Date *

Projected Grant End Date *

Project Title/Name * - Limit to 300 characters (including spaces)

Two Sentence Project Description * - Limit to 1,000 characters (including spaces)

Summarize the long-term outcome(s) of the Project * - Limit to 200 characters (including spaces)

Project Location Description * - Limit to 300 characters (including spaces)

Pre-proposal Narrative Upload *

This is a Word document that is downloaded by the applicant, completed and then uploaded back up into the application. This document is subject to change depending upon the funding opportunity. The baseline instructions are as follows:

Writing Instructions: Please provide a two-page narrative that elaborates on the long-term conservation outcome(s) summarized previously; the major threats and/or opportunities you will address to achieve the outcome(s); the measurable result(s) you plan to achieve to address these threats/opportunities and how you will measure progress; and a brief description of your strategy (activities) for achieving project outcomes and where you are in their planning and implementation.

Matching Contributions
For each matching contribution, the following information is required:

Matching Contribution Amount *

Matching Contribution Type * (choose from a picklist)

Matching Contribution Source *

Matching Contribution Source Type * (choose from a picklist)

Matching Contribution Status * (choose from a picklist)

Matching Contribution Description/Notes * - Limit to 200 characters (including spaces)


 Contact Information


If you have questions concerning your application, please contact the staff member listed in your RFP. You can also email info@nfwf.org.


 Due Dates

  • 3/23/2018
    Bats for the Future Fund
    Applicant Webinar

  • 3/30/2018

    RFQ Question Submission Deadline

  • 3/31/2018
    Northern Great Plains Program
    Notification Deadline

  • 3/31/2018
    Atlantic Flyway Shorebird Initiative; Hawaiian Forest Birds
    Notification Deadline

  • 3/31/2018
    Pecos Watershed Conservation Initiative; Southwest Rivers Program
    Pecos Watershed Conservation Initiative Notification Deadline

  • 3/31/2018
    Klamath Basin Restoration Program
    Full Proposal Invitations

  • 4/12/2018
    Delaware River Restoration Fund
    Full Proposal Deadline

  • 4/16/2018

    RFQ Proposal Deadline

  • 4/19/2018
    Klamath Basin Restoration Program
    Full Proposal Deadline

  • 4/24/2018
    Sustain Our Great Lakes Program
    Full Proposal Deadline