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If you have questions concerning your grant, please contact your grants administrator. You can also email info@nfwf.org.


 Due Dates

  • 9/1/2015
    Bring Back the Natives/More Fish
    Full Proposal Deadline

  • 9/17/2015
    Acres for America
    Full Proposal Deadline

  • 9/30/2015
    Pulling Together Initiative
    Full Proposal Deadline

  • 10/30/2015
    Killer Whale Research and Conservation Program
    Notification Deadline

  • 11/15/2015
    Acres for America
    Notification Deadline

  • 11/20/2015
    Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund
    Notification Deadline

  • 11/30/2015
    Chi-Cal Rivers Fund
    Awards Announced

  • 11/30/2015
    Sea Turtles
    Notification Deadline

  • 12/20/2015
    Alaska Fish and Wildlife Fund
    Notification Deadline

  • 12/31/2015
    River Herring
    Notification Deadline

​Shortgrass prairie | Credit: Greg Knadle

Requesting an Amendment

Requesting an amendment in Easygrants

As detailed in the NFWF Process section of the grant agreement, you may need to request an amendment during your project. The most common kinds of amendments are extension requests, change of scope requests, and changes to the budget. Budget amendments are required only if you need to move more than 10% of the total NFWF award amount between budget categories. If you need to move less than 10%, let the Grants Administrator know, but you do not need to submit a formal amendment request.

Instructions for requesting an amendment are as follows:

  1. The primary contact for your grant will log into Easygrants. (If a different contact needs to access the amendment task, please inform the Grants Administrator, who can manually assign an amendment request task.)
  2. Click on "View My Grants" and then click "View Grant" for the grant that requires amendment.
  3. In the dropdown menu "Select Request/Action," choose "Amendment Request — No Cost" and hit the "Request" button.
  4. In the "To Do — Grants" section, locate and click on the blue link for the newly created "Amendment Request — No Cost" task.
  5. Go to the Amendment Type page and indicate the type of amendment that you would like to request (note that you may request amendments of different types within one request):
    • Extension: If you would like to request an extension for your project end date, go to the "Project Information" page and enter the revised date.
    • Budget Change: If you would like to change your budget, go to the "Budget" page and enter the proposed revised budget information.
    • Matching Contributions: If you would like to request a change to your matching contributions proposed for this project, go to the "Project Information" page and enter the proposed revised match figure.
    • Change of Scope: If you would like to request any other change to the scope of your project, go to the "Scope Change" page and enter your new scope explanation.
  6. Go to the Certification page to certify your submission.
  7. When you are finished, go to the "Review and Submit" page to submit this request to NFWF.

Once you have hit "Submit", we will be prompted to review the request. If the amendment is approved, you will receive an email from Easygrants@nfwf.org. If you have requested an extension to the end date of the project, you will be notified of new reporting due dates.