​Shortgrass prairie | Credit: Greg Knadle

​Recipient Information 

Information for Grant Recipients

Once a project has been selected for an award, NFWF will review your organization's financial documents and budget. We will then enter into a grant agreement with you. Once that agreement is in place, you may start requesting funds and submitting reports and amendment requests.


 Contact Information


If you have questions concerning your application, please contact the staff member listed in your RFP. If you have questions regarding a current grant, please contact your grants administrator. You can also email info@nfwf.org.


 Due Dates

  • 9/29/2016
    Pulling Together Initiative
    Full Proposal Deadline

  • 10/7/2016
    Gunnison Sage-Grouse
    2016 Request for Quotations Due

  • 10/13/2016
    Sea Turtles
    Pre Proposal Due Date

  • 10/19/2016
    Alaska Fish and Wildlife Fund
    Full Proposal Deadline

  • 10/31/2016
    Killer Whale Research and Conservation Program
    Notification Deadline

  • 11/17/2016
    Developing the Next Generation of Conservationists
    Full Proposal Deadline

  • 11/18/2016
    Bring Back the Natives/More Fish
    Notification Deadline

  • 12/1/2016
    Sea Turtles
    Full Proposal Due Date

  • 12/9/2016
    Chi-Cal Rivers Fund
    Notification Deadline

  • 12/16/2016
    Conservation Partners Program
    Notification Deadline