Bald Eagle | Credit: USFWS

​Mitigating Impacts

Impact-Directed Environmental Accounts

NFWF's IDEA program serves as a manager and trustee for funds arising from legal and regulatory actions involving natural resources and the environment.

These funds originate primarily from:

  • Court Orders

  • Civil, Criminal and Administrative Settlements

  • Regulatory Permits and Licenses

  • Conservation and Mitigation Plans

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 Staff Representatives


 Conservation Programs


 IDEA Feature Story


A settlement in an illegal dredging case is helping to protect endangered shorebirds on the Florida Panhandle. Learn how IDEA is managing the community service payment to  offset environmental damage.




 Enforcement Actions

  • Community Service Payments

  • Restitution

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  • Permits

  • Licenses

  • Rights-of-Way

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 Long-Term Stewardship Funds

  • Mitigation "Endowments"

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