Who We Are
Bald Eagle | Credit: S. Maslowski

NFWF Leadership

Edwin R. "Rod" Rodriguez, Jr., Chairman of the Board

Mr. Rodriguez is a Managing Director-Investments and Senior Portfolio Manager-PIA with Merrill Lynch. Rod’s love and respect for conservation and the outdoors was molded by his time spent hunting and fishing while growing up in Louisiana and he continues to be an avid hunter and fisherman. He graduated with a degree in Finance from Louisiana State University in 1971. Rod began his long career as a Private Wealth Advisor in 1971 and has been with Merrill Lynch for 35 years. In 2008, Barron’s Magazine selected Rod to its “Top 100 Wealth Managers” which represents the top 100 Private Wealth Managers in America. For the last 9 consecutive years, he has been recognized by Barron’s Magazine as the Number One Financial Advisor in Louisiana. In 2006, Research Magazine selected Rod to its “Winner’s Circle” which represents the top 100 Wealth Advisors in America.

Rod is active within the New Orleans and Tampa communities in many business, civic and charitable organizations. These include E. McIlhenny’s Sons, Inc. (makers of Tabasco pepper sauce), Children’s Hospital, Tampa Bay History Center, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, The Chartwell Foundation, The Greater New Orleans Foundation, the National World War II Museum, and United Way Tocqueville Society. He is also the President of the Gustaf W. McIlhenny Family Foundation.

Rod was recently awarded Merrill Lynch’s Robert E. Young Award for selfless work throughout the community. Mr. Rodriguez was appointed to the Board in February 2013.

Jeff Trandahl, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Lila Helms, Executive Vice President, External Affairs

Holly Bamford, Ph.D., Chief Conservation Officer

Tokunbo Falayi, Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Strodel, General Counsel

Team Leaders

Thomas Kelsch, Senior Vice President, Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund

Timothy DiCintio, Senior Vice President, Impact-Directed Environmental Accounts

Anthony Chatwin, Ph.D., Vice President, Science and Evaluation

Greg Knadle, Vice President, Government Relations

Eric Schwaab, Vice President, Conservation Programs

Regional Office Directors

Amanda Bassow, Director, Northeastern Regional Office

Jonathan Birdsong, Director, Western Regional Office

Todd Hogrefe, Director, Central Regional Office

Jay Jensen, Director, Southern Regional Office

Chris West, Director, Rocky Mountain Regional Office


 Board of Directors

Edwin R. “Rod" Rodriguez, Jr. 
Florida and Louisiana​
Sydney McNiff Johnson
Idaho and Washington, DC
Reuben Mark
Michael L. Campbell
New York

Max C. Chapman, Jr.
Texas and Wyoming

J. Michael Cline

John Dane III
John V. Faraci, Jr.
Blas Fonalledas
Puerto Rico

RDML Tim Gallaudet
Harold Hamm

JJ Healy
California and Wyoming
Christopher M. James

Paul Tudor Jones II
Eaddo H. Kiernan

Ryan Lance

Charles D. McCrary

Don J. McGrath
R. King Milling
Jennifer Mull
Trina Overlock
Chad Pike
London, UK

Greg Sheehan
Thomas L. Strickland
Colorado and
Washington, DC
Federico Stubbe
Puerto Rico
John A. Tomke
Amy Robbins Towers
New York
Victoria J. Tschinkel
Steven A. Williams