2010 Annual Report

  • Endangered SEA TURTLES were a focus of NFWF’s actions following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

  • RED-TAILED HAWKS find a haven at an inner-city green roof funded by NFWF.

  • NFWF’s efforts to restore a Nevada desert lake are helping to bring back LAHONTON CUTTHROAT TROUT.

  • By removing man-made barriers along their migration route, a NFWF program is helping PRONGHORN reach their summer feeding grounds.

  • WATERFOWL, SHOREBIRDS AND MIGRATORY BIRDS affected by the Gulf oil spill benefited from the creation of new habitat by NFWF and partners.

  • NFWF’s pollution-reduction projects in the Chesapeake Bay watershed improve water quality for fish and BLUE CRABS.

  • Like many coastal birds, AMERICAN OYSTERCATCHERS are in decline. NFWF projects are addressing threats to their habitat.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation supports hundreds of actions that protect and restore our nation’s natural heritage, an incomparable array of plants, animals and habitats. In 2010, we addressed some of the country’s biggest conservation challenges.