2011 Annual Report

Chairman’s Message

If there’s one common element to NFWF’s work, it’s our commitment to finding effective strategies to solve real-world problems. Whether the goal is restoring vital habitat for threatened Pacific seabirds, securing safe migration corridors for pronghorn, or making sure sea turtle hatchlings find their way to the ocean, every NFWF plan starts with the best science, then brings people together to collaborate and conserve.

Using this model, NFWF supported 569 projects across the country in 2011. Joined by our many partners — a host of large and small conservation organizations, foundations, corporate supporters, and federal, state, tribal and local agencies — we worked to protect imperiled species and hundreds of thousands of acres in the wild places they need to survive. Last year, NFWF leveraged $45.9 million in federal funds with $84 million in private contributions and grantee matching funds for a total value of more than $130 million in conservation funding. Financial commitments to our conservation mission since 1984 now top $2 billion.

But numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. In a time of economic distress, NFWF’s marine programs are helping fishermen better manage declining stocks while still maintaining their livelihoods. With the growth of wind power, our grasslands initiatives are conserving vital habitat for native birds. As urban development expands, our freshwater stream projects are restoring life to degraded waterways and providing opportunities for fishing and recreation.

NFWF’s actions balance the needs of both wildlife and people, and protect the lands and waters we share. In an era of complex environmental challenges, we continue to invest in solutions that benefit us all.