International Grants

2020 Conservation Investments

Coral reef, Indonesia

Bat Conservation International
Enhancing Foraging Habitat for Bats Affected by White-Nose Syndrome in Michigan and Canada
Improve survival of bats with white-nose syndrome by enhancing their foraging efficiency. Project will use light and chemical attractants at seven sites in Michigan and Manitoba to concentrate insects near hibernacula in fall and spring to determine whether more insect prey improves survivability, with the goal of reducing the mortality rate from 71 percent to 30 percent.

College of William and Mary
Conserving Whimbrel Across the Western Atlantic Flyway (multiple states, Canada)
Expand on efforts to monitor declining whimbrel populations along the western Atlantic Flyway. Project will update the whimbrel conservation plan, develop an index of reproductive performance, expand roost surveys during spring migration to improve protection at key sites, continue building an online shorebird roost registry, and make managers aware of roost locations to facilitate their protection.

Halton Region Conservation Foundation
Improving Brook Trout, Atlantic Salmon and American Eel Habitat (Canada)
Improve riparian habitat for brook trout, Atlantic salmon, American eel, and other aquatic species in the Limestone Creek in Ontario, Canada through strategic woody debris removal. Project will install 2 miles of instream habitat improvements, plant a mile of native riparian vegetation, remove an undersized culvert, open 1.5 miles of stream, and stabilize 50 feet of eroding creek bank.

Nature Conservancy of Canada
Restoring Wetland Hydrology and Controlling Invasive Phragmites on Pelee Island (Canada)
Improve ecological health of wildlife and habitat on Pelee Island in Lake Erie by restoring wetland hyrology, treating invasive phragmites and restoring native vegetation. Project will restore 62 acres of wetland and 20 acres of upland habitat.

Ocean Wise Conservation Association
Bioaccumulation of Contaminants in Southern Resident Killer Whale Food Web (Canada)
Analyze priority contaminants of concern data from sediment, salmon and killer whales to assess habitat quality, bioaccumulation and the relative health risks of Southern Resident killer whales. Project will inform chemical regulations and best practices to reduce the exposure of Southern Resident killer whales to contaminants.

Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association
Increasing Grassland Connectivity (Canada)
Engage livestock producers to conserve and restore native prairies that benefit pronghorn and multiple grassland bird species in southwest Saskatchewan. Project will restore 90 acres of cultivated grasslands, bring 82,000 acres under improved management and modify 12 miles of fencing.

BirdLife International
Sustaining Pink-Footed Shearwater Bycatch Reductions in Chilean Purse-Seine Fisheries
Promote long-term reduction in pink-footed shearwater bycatch in Chilean purse seine fisheries. Project will build capacity through trainings for net manufacturers; engagement with fisheries compliance officers and through an open database of mitigation measures across the fleet.

Equilibrio Azul
Leatherback Bycatch Reduction in Ecuador
Engage artisanal fishing communities of Ecuador to reduce bycatch of eastern Pacific leatherback sea turtles. Project will train fishermen on safe release techniques and explore market incentives for sustainable catch practices.

Grupo de Ecologia y Conservacion de Islas
Protecting Townsend’s Shearwater in Mexico
Protect the last stronghold of Townsend’s shearwater and assess additional sites in the Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico. Project will develop a comprehensive monitoring plan; monitor shearwaters across the archipelago; and develop a feasibility study for the eradication of introduced European rabbit on Clarión Island.

Island Conservation
Coatimundi Control in Chile
Complete coatimundi eradication on Isla Robinson Crusoe to protect the pink-footed shearwater. Project will will empower local stakeholders, including park rangers, with the skills, knowledge, and tools to manage invasive mammals in the Juan Fernández Archipelago.

MarViva Foundation
Reduce Bycatch of Eastern Pacific Leatherbacks in Long Line Fisheries of Northern Chile
Build local capacity to reduce at-sea mortality of leatherbacks in Chile. Project will train fishermen and local officials on safe turtle release techniques and pilot the use of circle hooks in northern long-line fisheries.

MPA Enforcement International 
Enhancing Enforcement Capacity for Coral Reef Management in Saba, St. Eustatius and Montserrat
Increase enforcement capacity for coral conservation in the Caribbean. Project will provide an enforcement assessment for Saba to identify critical gaps and conduct enforcement training  for enforcement and management staff in the countries of Saba, St. Eustatius and Montserrat.

Oikonos - Ecosystem Knowledge
Conservation of the Pink-Footed Shearwater in Chile - III
Advance conservation efforts for the IUCN-listed pink-footed shearwater through direct on-the-ground actions. Project will protect and monitor colonies on all three of known breeding islands, continue community-focused education and stewardship activities, and will build national capacity to reduce fishery-related mortality.

Pro Delphinus
Promoting Sustainable Fisheries in the Humboldt Current Region of Peru and Ecuador
Reduce threatened species bycatch and mortality (sea turtles, small cetaceans, seabirds) at priority sites in the Humboldt current region. Project will promote safer gear, provide broad scale outreach, training and capacity building to promote sustainable gillnet fishing in Peru and Ecuador.

Wildlife Conservation Society
Improving Management of South Water Caye Marine Reserve through Technology-based Solutions (Belize)
Utilize a spatial monitoring and reporting tool to improve biodiversity protection and sustainable livelihoods across the South Water Caye Marine Reserve in Belize. Project will assess management performance, build management capacity, promote compliance among fishers, and strengthen engagement of users in the reserve.

Indonesia Locally Managed Marine Area Foundation
Expanding Coral Reef Conservation to New Islands in Eastern Indonesia
Create new networks of Locally Managed Marine Areas in Yapen and Numfor, Indonesia. Project will solidify capacity at 44 currently networked communities in order to direct resources into the new island communities of  Yapen and Numfor conserving over 200,000 hectares of coral reef into conservation.