Lincoln County Conservation District
Installing Beaver Dam Analogs to Restore Wilson Creek’s Wetland and Sagebrush Habitat (NV)
Restore Wilson Creek’s historic wetland value by constructing beaver dam analogs out of pinyon and juniper trees to raise the water table and restore sagebrush landscape. Project will install 100 beaver dam analogs and plant sedge and willow clippings along the creek bank to aid stabilization.

National Audubon Society
Increase Collaboration of Sagebrush Conservation (multiple states)
Strategically coordinate internal and external communication between a wide range of stakeholders committed to improving communications about the sagebrush ecosystem to elevate not only individual efforts but also the larger dialog about the value and need for sagebrush conservation. Project will bring 100 acres of sagebrush habitat under improved management, develop media resources for community stake holders and host field tour events that elevate on-the-ground conservation.

Paradise Sonoma Conservation District
Installing Drainage Structures to Restore Stream and Wet Meadow Hydrology (NV)
Work across public and private boundaries in local streams, seasonal springs and drainages to restore and improve hydrology in meadow and mesic systems in north central Nevada. Project will restore 100 acres of mesic habitat by installing 170 low-tech restoration structures, including beaver dam analogs, rock dams, rock Zuni bowls, post vanes and rock baffles.

State of Nevada
Removing Invasive Pinyon and Juniper to Conserve Mule Deer Winter Range (NV)
Restore winter ground in the Ruby Mountains, south of Elko, Nevada by treating invasive pinyon and juniper trees with a combination of hand-thinning, mastication, weed abatement and seeding. Project will restore 1,100 acres of habitat for mule deer.

The Regents of the University of California
Headstarting Tortoises and Raven Predation Pressure on Tortoise Recruitment (CA, NV)
Utilize radio-telemetry to track head-started Mojave desert tortoises that have been released in the wild to estimate size-dependent survival and use lifelike tortoise models and camera traps to evaluate the role of raven predation in size-dependent tortoise mortality. Project will use collected information to gauge the effectiveness of desert tortoise head-starting as a recovery tool and to understand the role that ravens play in limiting survival and recruitment of young tortoises into declining desert tortoise populations.

Trout Unlimited
Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Core Grant 2020 (CA, OR, NV)
Address the needs identified in the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout (LCT) Business Plan. Project will provide partner coordination, science guidance, and field crew activities, including LCT expansion, hybridization management/assessment, barrier retrofitting and design, and eDNA monitoring.

Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation
Truckee Meadows Nature Study Area and Wetland Restoration (NV)
Restore 40 acres of a decommissioned golf course to return it to a wetland, riparian and upland system and nature study area in Reno, Nevada. Project will engage 150 volunteers to restore 5 acres of emergent wetland, 27 acres of wet meadow, and 8 acres of upland through invasive species removal, plant 200 trees in riparian areas and provide 500 community member opportunities for recreation and public education.

Walker Basin Conservancy
Water Acquisitions Grant No. 2 (NV)
Acquire Willow Stay Ranch II, LLC (Alton and Susan Anker). Project will purchase 2,626 acre-feet of water to aid in the goal of restoring Walker Lake to a 12,000 total dissolved solids level.

Western Rivers Conservancy
Conserving Habitat for Sage-grouse and Restoring Hydrology for Lahontan Cutthroat Trout (NV, OR)
Restore greater sage-grouse habitat, reintroduce a metapopulation of Lahontan cutthroat trout and habitat connectivity to the greater sagebrush landscape on Disaster Peak Ranch, straddling the Nevada-Oregon border. Project will permanently conserve the Disaster Peak Ranch, bringing 3,345 acres under improved management and restoring improved hydrology in the mesic areas of the ranch.