Pheasants Forever
Coordinating Range Wildlife Conservation in the Lesser Prairie Chicken Range (CO, KS, NM, OK, TX)
Work with private landowners and other partners to implement on-the-ground riparian habitat restoration across the lesser prairie chicken range. Project will enroll landowners into voluntary contracts that will restore or improve management on 30,000 acres of southwestern grassland habitat.

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory
Implement a Radio Telemetry Network in the Great Plains and Chihuahuan Desert to Monitor Grassland Birds (multiple states)
Implement a collaborative network of automated radio telemetry stations throughout the Great Plains and Chihuahuan Desert to monitor the annual cycle of grassland birds, including Baird’s sparrow, Sprague’s pipit and chestnut-collared longspur. Project will initiate this effort by holding webinars to recruit and train partners and develop a plan to track grassland birds across the region, install telemetry stations to track focal species, and deploy tags on focal species.

The Learning Center at the Euchee Butterfly Farm
Increasing and Improving Native Seed Resources for Pollinator Habitat Restoration (OK)
Improve seed bank volume and species diversity to increase the quantity and quality of monarch and pollinator habitat restoration in Oklahoma. Project will increase plant identification training to improve the efficiency of target species harvesting, expedite seed processing and storage and produce 20,000 native nectar and milkweed plants to be planted on tribal lands.

University of Oklahoma
Developing Tools to Advance Grassland Bird Wintering Habitat Management Practices (CO, NM, OK, TX)
Expand on an existing framework studying the wintering ecology of longspurs and other grassland birds in the Great Plains using species distribution modeling, automated radio telemetry biologging, and weather radar analysis. Project will develop tools to improve field grassland bird surveys to more accurately estimate abundance and habitat usage, and to improve grazing management regimes to best advance bird conservation.