American Bird Conservancy
Priority Bird Habitat Conservation in the West Gulf Coastal Plain/Ouachitas – II (AR, LA, OK, TX)
Coordinate conservation delivery networks to restore forest and grassland habitats and monitor species’ response within the West Gulf Coastal Plain/Ouachitas geography of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Project will provide technical and financial assistance to private landowners to implement conservation practices on 3,000 acres benefiting Bachman’s sparrow, prairie warbler and other forest and grassland-dependent bird species.

Ducks Unlimited
Monitoring Waterfowl Response to Wetland Restoration in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley (AR, LA, MS)
Monitor waterfowl response to forest and shallow water wetland restoration on Wetland Reserve Easement sites within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley region of Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Project will deploy unmanned aerial vehicles to investigate their utility to monitor waterfowl use of restored wetlands and use imagery analysis and machine learning to establish efficient and effective protocols to derive duck counts and general use behaviors at a project level scale.

Ducks Unlimited
Enhancing Hydrology and Restoring Forests in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley – II (AR, MS)
Restore and enhance bottomland hardwood forests and wetlands on public and private lands within the Delta of Arkansas and Mississippi. Project will restore hydrology, enhance existing forests and reforest areas to impact a total of 8,075 acres, including 7,095 acres of conservation easements, benefiting migratory waterfowl, Louisiana black bear and other forested wetland-dependent species.

KKAC Foundation
Engaging Underserved Landowners in Conservation and Woodland Management (AR, MS)
Develop forest management plans and implement forest conservation practices to improve forest health and wildlife habitat on private lands in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley region of Arkansas and Mississippi. Project will engage historically underserved and minority landowners through workshops and field days to provide forestry technical assistance, address heirs’ property issues and connect landowners with financial assistance resources to restore and manage 350 acres of forest habitat.

Mississippi River Trust
Forested Wetland Restoration in the Lower Mississippi River Floodplain – II (multiple states)
Reforest and protect frequently flooded, marginal cropland on private lands through the adoption of USDA Wetland Reserve Easements in the active floodplain of the Lower Mississippi River. Project will establish 10,285 acres of bottomland hardwood forest to expand and enhance habitat and improve water quality, benefiting the Louisiana black bear, swamp rabbit, forest birds, waterfowl and freshwater fish.

Mississippi State University
Demonstration of Restoration and Monitoring Techniques for Bottomland Hardwood Habitats (AR, MS)
Restore bottomland hardwood forest habitats, monitor habitat condition and wildlife response to restoration treatments and provide information, training and technical assistance to land-owners and resource managers to inform forest and wildlife management decisions. Project will restore 884 acres of bottomland hardwood forest within the Tallahatchie, Boeuf and Tensas watersheds in Arkansas and Mississippi, benefiting waterfowl, swamp rabbits and other forested wetland-dependent species.

North Carolina State University
Expanding Prescribed Fire Delivery to Restore Southeast Forests (multiple states)
Expand and accelerate the implementation of prescribed fire to restore and enhance longleaf pine habitat and other fire dependent forest and grassland communities within the Southeast. Project will engage landowners, including underserved landowners and fire practitioners through technical assistance, training and outreach to increase the use of prescribed fire.

Pheasants Forever
Increasing Technical Assistance to Benefit Northern Bobwhite on Private Working Lands (AR, MO)
Support five technical assistants with expertise in northern bobwhite conservation in Arkansas and Missouri who will assist private landowners in managing their lands to benefit bobwhite and many wildlife species while also improving working land productivity. Project will improve management on 10,000 acres of private working lands through the development of 400 conservation management plans and associated best management practices.

The Nature Conservancy
Enhancing Monarch Butterfly Habitat on Rights-of-Way and Public Lands (AR)
Restore and enhance pollinator habitat on rights-of-way, lands owned by The Nature Conservancy and Logan Cave National Wildlife Refuge in western Arkansas through prescribed burning, invasive species control and planting native species with an emphasis on milkweeds and nectar producing forbs to support monarch butterflies. Project will restore 50 acres and improve 2,200 acres.

The Nature Conservancy
Restoring Forested Wetlands within Mississippi Alluvial Valley Priority Focal Areas (AR, LA, MS)
Project will restore and protect forested wetlands within high priority areas in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley region of Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. Project will reforest 4,800 acres of marginal cropland, restore 1,200 acres of hydrologic wetland function and protect 6,000 acres with conservation easements, benefiting Louisiana black bear, swamp rabbits, waterfowl and neotropical migratory songbirds.