Canaan Valley Institute
Coordinating Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture Strategies and Goals (multiple states)
Continue the activities of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture in the historic range of the species. Project will refine the strategic objectives and key conservation priorities of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture using the results of the recently completed status assessment of wild brook trout at the catchment scale.

Long Island Community Foundation
Delivery of the Long Island Sound Community Stewardship Fund Program – III (CT, NY)
Deliver the Long Island Sound Stewardship Fund of the Long Island Sound Funders Collaborative (LISFC) in the Long Island Sound Study boundaries of Connecticut and New York. Project will enhance the partnership between LISFC and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency around the common mission of restoring and protecting the health and living resources of the Sound based upon the Long Island Sound Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.

Managing American Oystercatchers and Minimizing Coastal Engineering Impacts Along the Atlantic Coast (multiple States)
Coordinate the American oystercatcher recovery initiative, implement best management practices for disturbance and predation management along the U.S. Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast of Florida and develop long-term improvements in coastal engineering protocols to restore habitats critical to focal shorebird species. Project will support the goals of the Atlantic Flyway Business Plan by creating a framework for long-term protection, restoration and creation of shorebird habitat at key sites.

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk
Derelict Fishing Gear Collection in Clinton, Connecticut
Install a publicly accessible derelict fishing gear collection bin in Clinton, Connecticut to gather abandoned lobster traps posing ecological and navigational hazards in Long Island Sound. Project will gather an estimated 219 lobster traps in the collection bin to be recycled, increasing the resilience of fisheries in Long Island Sound and reducing hazards for commercial and recreational vessels.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Preventing Human Disturbance of Atlantic Flyway Shorebirds – III (multiple states)
Address the threat of disturbance to red knot, American oystercatcher and whimbrel by implementing Community Based Social Marketing strategies for human disturbance reduction, developing a shorebird disturbance reduction toolkit for land managers and disseminating the results throughout the Atlantic Flyway shorebird network. Project will develop scalable conservation strategies that can be applied to change human behavior and improve shorebird survival and reproductive success.