Ducks Unlimited
Expanding Agricultural Conservation and Adoption of Farm Bill Conservation Programs (IA, IL, IN, MO)
Promote and implement Farm Bill conservation programs within the agriculturally based communities of central/northcentral Iowa, northern Illinois/Indiana and central/northwest Missouri. Project will work directly with 390 producers to design and implement wetland friendly conservation practices to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous runoff and improve water quality and wildlife habitats on 4,050 acres of cropland.

Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance
Leveraging a Conservation Agronomist to Increase On-Farm Sustainability and Profitability (IA)
Coordinate between the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance, the Cooperative Farmers Elevator and the Iowa Soybean Association to drive adoption of conservation practices among farmers in northwest Iowa. Project will communicate the economic, agronomic and environmental benefits of conservation practices to producers, enroll willing participants in public conservation programs and improve management on 102,500 acres.

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
Iowa Butterfly Flyways: Restoring and Enhancing Pollinator Habitat
Restore and improve pollinator habitat on public and private lands throughout Iowa by planting diverse seed mixes to support monarch butterflies, rusty patched bumble bees and other pollinators. Project will restore 1,000 acres on public lands, improve 2,000 acres on numerous public and private sites, collect 50 pounds of seed and propagate 5,000 seedlings.

Monarch Joint Venture
Midwest Technical Assistance to Improve Pollinator Habitat on Working Lands (IA, MN)
Provide technical assistance to private landowners by hiring one pollinator habitat specialist to increase agricultural stakeholder engagement and habitat implementation in Minnesota and Iowa. Project will restore 400 acres and improve 200 acres, develop 40 plans, host 10 events, reach 250 people and develop the Farmers for Monarchs website.