Great River Greening
Improving Pollinator Habitat for Rusty Patched Bumble Bee and Other Pollinators (MN)
Improve habitat for monarch butterflies, rusty patched bumble bees and other pollinators along the Mississippi River Corridor near the Twin Cities metropolitan area in Minnesota by collecting and planting native seeds, controlling invasive species and conducting prescribed burns. Project will improve 700 acres, collect 8 pounds of milkweed seed and engage 200 people.

Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District
Restoring Stream Passage for Brook Trout in Hockamin Creek by Removing Culverts (MN)
Restore connectivity to 8 miles of native brook trout spawning and wintering habitat and thermal refugia in Hockamin Creek, a tributary to the Baptism River which flows to Lake Superior in Minnesota. Project will remove two culverts acting as fish passage barriers and replace them with a crossing designed for aquatic organism passage.

Monarch Joint Venture
Midwest Technical Assistance to Improve Pollinator Habitat on Working Lands (IA, MN)
Provide technical assistance to private landowners by hiring one pollinator habitat specialist to increase agricultural stakeholder engagement and habitat implementation in Minnesota and Iowa. Project will restore 400 acres and improve 200 acres, develop 40 plans, host 10 events, reach 250 people and develop the Farmers for Monarchs website.

National Audubon Society
Avian Monitoring and Evaluation for the Sustain our Great Lakes Program (multiple states)
Assist in monitoring NFWF’s impact on migratory shorebirds, waterfowl and marsh-nesting birds for NFWF’s Sustain our Great Lakes Program.