Ducks Unlimited
Expanding Agricultural Conservation and Adoption of Farm Bill Conservation Programs (IA, IL, IN, MO)
Promote and implement Farm Bill conservation programs within the agriculturally based communities of central/northcentral Iowa, northern Illinois/Indiana and central/northwest Missouri. Project will work directly with 390 producers to design and implement wetland friendly conservation practices to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous runoff and improve water quality and wildlife habitats on 4,050 acres of cropland.

Heartland Conservation Alliance
Training Youths in Environmental Stewardship in the Blue River Watershed (KS, MO)
Train 18 youth and employ a crew of five to seven youth who will steward 220 acres of land in the Blue River Watershed. Project will address needs for improved watershed health, improved community health and lack of natural resource management workforce.

Kansas City Community Gardens
Community Orchards and Environmental Education in the Blue River Watershed (MO)
Plant community orchards, engage volunteers and provide environmental education at locations along the Blue River watershed in urban Kansas City, Missouri. Project will: 1) plant a 35-tree orchard on Kansas City’s historic Municipal Farms site; 2) plant a 32-tree expansion to the Kauffman Legacy Park Orchard; and 3) engage students in the Kansas City Community Garden Demonstration Orchard through STEM-based lessons on environment and nutrition.

Mississippi River Trust
Forested Wetland Restoration in the Lower Mississippi River Floodplain – II (multiple states)
Reforest and protect frequently flooded, marginal cropland on private lands through the adoption of USDA Wetland Reserve Easements in the active floodplain of the Lower Mississippi River. Project will establish 10,285 acres of bottomland hardwood forest to expand and enhance habitat and improve water quality, benefiting the Louisiana black bear, swamp rabbit, forest birds, waterfowl and freshwater fish.

Missouri Stream Team Watershed Coalition, Stream Teams United
Engaging Local Community Members in Restoring and Conserving Hickory and Shoal Creek Confluence (MO)
Plan, plant and monitor the success of a streambank and wetland aquatic habitat restoration project at the confluence of Hickory Creek and Shoal Creek at Neosho, Newton County, Missouri. Project will train students and volunteers in habitat conservation practices and monitoring protocols for water quality and species diversity, plant over 2,200 native trees at the site and monitor success through tree survival assessment, water quality sampling and species diversity indexing.

Pheasants Forever
Increasing Technical Assistance to Benefit Northern Bobwhite on Private Working Lands (AR, MO)
Support five technical assistants with expertise in northern bobwhite conservation in Arkansas and Missouri who will assist private landowners in managing their lands to benefit bobwhite and many wildlife species while also improving working land productivity. Project will improve management on 10,000 acres of private working lands through the development of 400 conservation management plans and associated best management practices.

Pheasants Forever
Expanding Technical Assistance for Prescribed Burning to Improve Pollinator Habitat (MO)
Provide technical assistance for private landowners in Missouri by hiring a prescribed fire coordinator to provide guidance about pollinator conservation, develop prescribed burn plans and coordinate outreach and education about prescribed burning, including hosting a prescribed fire summit. Project will improve 4,000 acres, develop 75 plans, host 10 events and engage 500 people.