Desert Research Institute
Summit Lake Integrated Watershed-Lake Model and Water Isotope Analysis (NV)
Combine remote sensing, stream gauge data, weather station data, measurements from existing water wells, hydrologic modeling, investigation of historic water use and water isotope analysis to create a detailed water budget for Summit Lake. Project will be used by the Summit Lake Tribe and other land managers for making decisions that will affect the water availability for Lahontan cutthroat trout.

Mason Valley Conservation District
Walker River Floodplain Noxious Weed Control (NV)
Inventory, map, treat and control Nevada State listed noxious weeds on 70 miles of the Walker River Corridor and associated floodplains. Project will increase the freshwater river flow in order to enhance water delivery to Walker Lake.

National Audubon Society
Conserving Carson River Basin Wetland Habitats and Shorebirds in the Lahontan Valley (NV)
Develop operational species-habitat profiles for shorebirds, assess baseline habitat conditions and establish a coordinated monitoring program for habitat management to benefit priority shorebird species at Carson Lake and Pasture and Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge in the Lahontan Valley. Project will provide site-based habitat management guidance and tools to assess shorebird response and provide applicable models to other Great Basin locations.

Research Support for Management of Pollinator Species (multiple states)
Conduct research to identify priority areas for on-the-ground monarch management actions such as habitat restoration and enrichment as well as to inform regulatory review. Project will map these areas and highlight those that are most used by monarchs, recognizing that monarchs tend to migrate along riparian and wetland corridors.

Nevada Department of Wildlife
Placing a Conservation Easement on Big Game Migratory Corridor Habitat in Pole Canyon (NV)
Conserve habitat along a critical migratory corridor for the largest population of mule deer in Nevada, as well as bighorn sheep, mountain goat and several species of conservation priority, including the greater sage-grouse. Project will permanently protect more than 12,000 acres of private rangeland along the base of the East Humboldt mountains in northern Nevada through a conservation easement.

Nevada Department of Wildlife
Improving Habitat for Mule Deer and Pronghorn by Treating Invasives and Removing Fences (CA, NV)
Treat invasive grasses and remove invasive conifers and fences to improve connectivity and address an immediate barrier to migration for wintering-resident deer, resulting in reduced metabolic demands on mule deer and pronghorn, ultimately decreasing mortality. Project will restore 3,000 acres of habitat and remove or improve 40 miles of fences.

Summit Lake Paiute Tribe
Summit Lake Paleoclimatology Study to Inform Restoration and Management Actions (NV)
Quantify the historical impacts of natural events on lake conditions, hydrologic input and fire history in the Summit Lake watershed to assist in future lake and watershed management. Project will use lake sediments and tree-ring records to identify historical conditions and how they affected changes in lake level and hydrologic inputs, as well as effects on lake productivity and water quality.

The Mule Deer Foundation
Increasing Cross-Jurisdictional Coordination in Sagebrush Habitat (multiple states)
Increase cross-jurisdictional coordination with state agencies and other partners to implement projects on big game migration corridors and in sage-grouse core habitats. Project will improve habitat through treating invasive species, conservation easements, mesic and wet meadow habitat restoration, removing or improving fencing and restoring 3,000 acres of shrubland habitat.

Walker Basin Conservancy
Water Acquisitions Grant No. 3 (NV)
Purchase 2.651 cubic feet per second of decree water and 545.89 acre-feet of apportioned storage water to aid in the goal of restoring Walker Lake to a 12,000 total dissolved solids level.

Walker Basin Conservancy
Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Habitat Recovery Monitoring at Walker Lake (NV)
Expand and enhance water quality monitoring activities in Walker Lake to better track improvement of Lahontan cutthroat trout habitat conditions and guide successful species reintroduction. Project will observe, record and publish water quality data to demonstrate the improvements of Walker Lake conditions resulting from increased program water inflows into Walker Lake.