New Jersey

Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
Assessment of Northern Snakehead Feeding in the Delaware River Estuary (NJ, PA)
Assess the feeding impacts of Northern Snakehead on alosines and species of management concern in the Delaware River Estuary through site surveys by boat electrofishing. Project will guide future management and predict potential impacts for species of management concern such as striped bass, American eel, American shad and herring species.

Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
Delaware River Restoration Fund Project Impact Assessments for Phase 2 – ANS Modeling (DE, NJ, NY, PA)
Deploy novel, high-resolution modeling techniques to quantify the positive impact of DRWI-associated restoration projects. Project will collaborate with the FieldDoc development team to develop and implement a series of application program interfaces that enable DRWI grantees to run geospatial queries on project areas and model annual pollutant load reductions of nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment reduced as a result of project implementation.

Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
Delaware River Restoration Fund Project Impact Assessments for Phase 2 (NJ, PA)
Conduct preliminary selection and design of monitoring plans for a subset of restoration projects funded under the Delaware River Restoration Fund. Project assessments will include monitoring water chemistry, habitat, macroinvertebrates, fish and algae at these sites as they inform its success in improving stream ecosystems. 

American Littoral Society
Kimbles Beach Restoration and Shoreline Stabilization (NJ)
Continue restoration of Kimbles Beach shorebird and horseshoe crab habitat in Cape May County, New Jersey. Project will advance the comprehensive conservation and restoration of highly vulnerable and valuable Bayshore beach habitat critical for horseshoe crabs and shorebirds by using strategies that will further reduce erosion and increase resilience to storms and climate change.

American Littoral Society
Restoring Ecologically Beneficial and Resilient Infrastructure at Maurice River (NJ)
Create hybrid living shoreline, hybrid rock revetment, oyster reefs and ribbed mussel beds at the tip of Basket Flats and at Northwest Reach. Project will protect the inlet of the Maurice River and provide resiliency and ecological uplift by protecting marsh and creating new habitat.

American Littoral Society
Nature-Based Solutions to Flooding in Giampietro Memorial Park (NJ)
Establish a comprehensive site plan to manage stormwater, restore 1 acre of wetland habitat and install a bioswale in Giampietro Memorial Park, Vineland, New Jersey. Project will work to engage community members, municipal officials and local decision-makers to promote the use of best management practices while reducing sediments and nutrients entering the nearby tributaries.

Canaan Valley Institute
Coordinating Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture Strategies and Goals (multiple states)
Continue the activities of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture in the historic range of the species. Project will refine the strategic objectives and key conservation priorities of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture using the results of the recently completed status assessment of wild brook trout at the catchment scale.

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey
Removing Derelict Crab Pots to Reduce Wildlife Entanglements in Coastal Marsh Waters (NJ)
Remove up to 5 tons of marine debris from Barnegat Bay, New Jersey. Project will provide a bin to collect and remove derelict crab pots that pose a threat to coastal marsh species.

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey
Assessing Red Knot Survival Using Data from Delaware Bay and Lagoa do Peixe, Brazil (DE, BRA)
Monitor recovery and stopover health of red knot and other shorebirds, estimate stopover population size and protect critical habitats to improve foraging conditions for migratory shorebirds in Delaware Bay, Delaware and Lagoa do Piexe, Brazil, two critical shorebird stopover sites. Project will create a better understanding of the impact of the threats to Lagoa do Piexe and surrounding areas and the red knot population as a whole.

Delaware River Basin Commission
Water Management Studies to Inform Basin-wide Resource Planning (DE, NJ, NY, PA)
Advance research in water management through completion of three studies focusing on water quality, contaminants of emerging concern and future water availability. Project will be used for planning efforts including consideration of future water supply projects, wastewater assimilative capacity, evaluation of pass-by flows, conservation releases, consumptive use mitigation triggers, freshwater flow needs to address sea-level rise and potential flow targets.

Ducks Unlimited
Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Tidal Marsh Restoration (NJ)
Restore, enhance and recreate 430 acres of existing and lost critical tidal freshwater marsh habitat at Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, New Jersey. Project will facilitate natural hydrologic regime through removal of excess rock in key channels, enhance marsh resilience via enhancing existing breakwaters along the Refuge border and conduct marsh elevation enhancement via dredge material placement.

Groundwork Elizabeth
Urban Riparian Restoration and Community Engagement in Elizabeth, New Jersey
Restore up to 1 mile of stream bank, mitigate flooding, remove and treat three acres for invasive plants, install a rain/pollinator garden and plant six types of indigenous species in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Project will enhance local wildlife habitat and attract up to 500 volunteers to perform park restoration and watershed management.

Lake Hopatcong Commission
Streambank Stabilization in the Upper Musconetcong River Watershed (NJ)
Design, permit, construct and monitor three streambank stabilization projects identified in the 2021 Upper Musconetcong River Watershed Implementation Plan. Project will enhance local wildlife habitat, reduce nutrient loads, provide volunteer activities and increase public access.

Managing American Oystercatchers and Minimizing Coastal Engineering Impacts Along the Atlantic Coast (multiple states)
Coordinate the American oystercatcher recovery initiative, implement best management practices for disturbance and predation management along the U.S. Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast of Florida and develop long-term improvements in coastal engineering protocols to restore habitats critical to focal shorebird species. Project will support the goals of the Atlantic Flyway Business Plan by creating a framework for long-term protection, restoration and creation of shorebird habitat at key sites.

Musconetcong Watershed Association
Linking Up the Landscape: Connecting Recreation to Conservation in the Musconetcong Watershed (NJ)
Create an online map with the location of recreational access points and the cultural and historic resources that give this part of the Delaware Watershed a unique regional identity. Project will complete a timely visitor readiness assessment, watershed-wide interpretive plan, and install access point signs with QR codes linked to the map for the new National Water Trail.

New Jersey Audubon Society
Developing a Forest Stewardship Plan for the White Lake Natural Resource Area (NJ)
Develop a State Approved Forest Stewardship Plan for the White Lake Natural Resource Area, located in Warren County, New Jersey. Project will enable the county to effectively and efficiently manage invasive species, improve wildlife habitat and ensure forest and watershed health at this preserved property.

Partnership for the Delaware Estuary
Evaluating Outcomes of Coastal Salt Marsh Intervention Efforts (DE, NJ, PA)
Develop the Marsh Futures Ecological Mapper system to provide landscape-level evaluation of changes to key salt marsh ecosystem services of proposed habitat-specific restoration efforts. Project will fill a vital evaluation gap in protecting coastal marshes by providing a mechanism to understand how specific intervention efforts can either support or diminish landscape-level ecosystem services of salt marshes with applicability across the Atlantic Coast.

Partnership for the Delaware Estuary
Installation of Green Stormwater Infrastructure at Schools in Salem (NJ)
Facilitate the development and installation of green infrastructure projects at schools and other public property in Salem, New Jersey. Project will address critical upstream stormwater management issues, reduce the amount of polluted runoff directly entering the Salem River and benefit water quality.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Targeted Implementation of Green Stormwater Infrastructure in the Upper Salem River Watershed (NJ)
Maximize pollutant reduction in the Upper Salem River Watershed through implementation of green stormwater infrastructure in climate-vulnerable urban and suburban landscapes. Project will significantly reduce non-point source pollution in stormwater and improve groundwater recharge.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Using Whole-Room Ultraviolet Light in Mines to Reduce the Impact of White-Nose Syndrome (MI, NJ, NY)
Test the efficacy of using whole-room ultra-violet (UV) light treatment on the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome in 10 mines that host hibernating populations of little brown bats in Michigan, New Jersey and New York. Project will test the ability of commercially available technology to benefit bats by killing or slowing growth of the fungus in summer, when bats are not present.

Sand County Foundation
Midpoint Evaluation of NFWF’s Great Lakes Business Plan (multiple states)
Evaluate the success to date of the Great Lakes Business Plan in achieving its dedicated conservation objectives in the areas of streams, coastal wetlands, and water quality. Project will include a review of the ten sub-objectives within these three priority areas, as well as of the sixteen focus areas expected to achieve multiple overlapping outcomes.

South Jersey Land and Water Trust
Aggregating Green Stormwater Infrastructure in the Alloway and Muddy Run Watersheds (NJ)
Implement a concentrated approach of stormwater management practices and habitat restoration at three sites within the Alloway and Muddy Run focus areas within the Delaware River Watershed Initiative’s Kirkwood-Cohansey Cluster. Project will build on prior success and restore water quality through installation of rainwater harvesting cisterns and wetland habitat restoration.

Stroud Water Research Center
Delaware River Restoration Fund Project Impact Assessments for Phase 2 – Stroud Monitoring (NJ, PA)
Monitor the impact of Delaware River Restoration Fund field practices on soil health and water quality and impact of farm restoration on stream health at a total of 10 selected project sites. Project will collaborate with the Academy of Natural Sciences in monitoring at nine of these sites.

The Nature Conservancy
Planning for the Pequest River (NJ)
Develop engineering designs and permitting for two dam removals on the Pequest River in New Jersey. Project will produce two shovel-ready projects to remove the first two blockages on the Pequest river, which will ultimately reduce local flooding and open the river for migratory fish passage.

Trout Unlimited
Developing Wild Trout Conservation Portfolio for New Jersey’s Delaware Basin
Produce wild trout conservation plans for the Delaware Basin in northwestern New Jersey following Trout Unlimited’s fine-scale Conservation Portfolio approach. Project will identify explicit protection and habitat restoration priorities needed to maintain and expand wild trout populations in New Jersey and will showcase novel, transferable methods that increase the efficiency and accuracy of baseline data collection for fine-scale portfolio development in other brook trout priority areas.

Upstream Alliance
Developing a Water Trail and Recreational Programming in Camden (NJ)
Engage over 2,000 members of the Camden community through hands-on recreational programming, hiring of local youth and promotion of public access on the previously inaccessible Cooper River in Camden, New Jersey. Project will also perform preliminary work to begin habitat restoration for migratory American shad and river herring.