New Mexico

Carlsbad Soil and Water Conservation District
Vegetative Restoration of Blue Springs (NM)
Remove salt cedar and Russian olive trees in and around the riparian area of Blue Springs, an important spring on the Black River in Eddy County, New Mexico and eradicate mesquite in adjacent upland areas. Project will remove these invasive species in order to enhance soil, water, vegetation and wildlife habitat along the springs and wetlands.

Carlsbad Soil and Water Conservation District
Improving Grasslands and Fences to Restore Habitat Connectivity for Pronghorn (NM)
Restore grassland habitat by treating and removing invasive mesquite and creosote in the Indian Basin area of Eddy County to improve connectivity for pronghorn in the region. Project will remove invasives on more than 6,000 acres and remove or improve 10 miles of fencing.

Instream Flow Initiative for the Texas Hornshell Mussel (NM)
Provide instream flow for the Texas hornshell mussel in the Black and Delaware rivers through short or long-term water transactions in times of low flow. Project will develop a framework for a long-term plan and budget to maintain instream flows.

Chaves Soil and Water Conservation District
Southeast New Mexico Plains Pronghorn Restoration (NM)
Enhance grassland habitat and improve landscape connectivity for pronghorn across ranches and pastures in Chaves County, New Mexico. Project will restore nearly 5,000 acres of grassland habitat through mesquite brush control and install at least 5 miles of pronghorn-friendly fencing.

Research Support for Management of Pollinator Species (multiple states)
Conduct research to identify priority areas for on-the-ground monarch management actions such as habitat restoration and enrichment as well as to inform regulatory review. Project will map these areas and highlight those that are most used by monarchs, recognizing that monarchs tend to migrate along riparian and wetland corridors.

New Mexico Land Conservancy
Protecting Critical Habitat and Facilitating Pronghorn Movement on the Fort Union Ranch (NM)
Protect and improve habitat to enhance movement and migration for pronghorn and other wildlife dependent upon grasslands on Fort Union Ranch in northeast New Mexico. Project will remove or improve 14 miles of fence and permanently protect 7,000 acres of pronghorn habitat, including both winter and summer ranges.

Rio Grande Return
Polvadera Creek Sediment Stabilization and Ecosystem Restoration (NM)
Stabilize and enhance the aquatic and riparian habitats native to Polvadera Creek. Project will enhance and restore native Rio Grande cutthroat trout populations by protecting, restoring and enhancing habitats through erosion stabilization, barrier construction to limit off-road vehicle access, in-channel structure installation and vegetation planning.

Santa Clara Pueblo
Santa Clara Creek Headwaters Habitat Restoration (NM)
Restore vital Rio Grande cutthroat trout habitat in Santa Clara Creek, an area severely impacted by fire and debris deposition. Project will restore and enhance 3 acres of riparian habitat and 1,000 feet of stream through the construction of off channel ponds, establishing grade control, facilitating fish passage with the removal of natural barriers, revegetation of native plants, spreading mulch and woody debris and planting/transplanting of at least 30 conifer tree species.

The Nature Conservancy
Upper Gila Agricultural Diversion Replacement (NM)
Construct a permanent, fish-friendly diversion structure that will replace an existing push-up diversion at the upper end of the Cliff-Gila Valley. Project will enable irrigators to increase water availability for species and their habitats, remove barriers to flow, restore aquatic and riparian habitat and reconnect 48 miles of the Gila River.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service
Willow Creek Habitat Restoration (NM)
Restore stream morphology and function in Willow Creek to benefit Gila trout. Project will increase riparian cover and improve the stability of the stream and floodplain by utilizing native sourced materials that improve riparian and stream conditions.