North Dakota

American Bird Conservancy
Providing Technical Assistance for Conservation Management on Private Working Lands (MT, ND, SD, WY)
Provide technical assistance to promote healthy grassland conservation to benefit grassland birds while meeting the economic bottom line for private landowners. Project will result in improved management on 6,500 acres through improved grazing rotations and fencing and water infrastructure and restore 350 acres by re-seeding annual cropland with native perennial grasses and forbs and 1,920 acres by removing windmills.

Ducks Unlimited
Restoring Habitat through the Northern Grasslands Restoration Incentives Program (MT, ND, SD, WY)
Provide an additional set of conservation options for producers throughout the Northern Great Plains who provide habitat for declining grassland birds. Project will restore 2,000 acres of grassland habitat and place 16,000 acres under improved management.

North Dakota Natural Resources Trust
Reintroducing Dakota Skippers in North Dakota to Bolster Native Populations (ND)
Increase Dakota skipper populations by reintroducing individuals in North Dakota from populations in the Minnesota Zoo. Project will collect female Dakota skippers to create the world’s first insurance population for North Dakota-derived Dakota skippers for reintroduction.