Crook County Soil and Water Conservation District
Restoring High Desert Habitat for Elk, Mule Deer and Pronghorn in the Maury Mountains (OR)
Restore high desert migration corridor habitat in the Maury Mountains by treating and removing invasive juniper and grasses and reseeding native fobs and bunchgrasses to increase forage quality and cover habitat for elk, mule deer and pronghorn. Project will work with private landowners to restore or improve 1,300 acres.

Midwater Trawlers Cooperative
Setting Course for Success: Improving Catch Handling and Electronic Monitoring Data Use (CA, OR, WA)
Improve electronic monitoring catch handling requirements to be more operationally efficient while still supporting catch accountability and expand data use for science in the West Coast groundfish fishery. Project will result in electronic monitoring data being used to benefit stock assessment and management and retain existing electronic monitoring users while addressing the concerns of prospective users.

Research Support for Management of Pollinator Species (multiple states)
Conduct research to identify priority areas for on-the-ground monarch management actions such as habitat restoration and enrichment as well as to inform regulatory review. Project will map these areas and highlight those that are most used by monarchs, recognizing that monarchs tend to migrate along riparian and wetland corridors.

Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development
Planning for Community and Ecosystem Resilience on the Oregon Coast (OR)
Engage coastal communities in a formal process to identify specific resilience needs and develop a planning framework to push projects forward to advanced stages of coastal resilience activities in Oregon’s estuarine areas. Project will empower coastal communities to plan and implement coastal resilience activities and leverage existing planning frameworks to accomplish broader resiliency goals and restoration priorities in highly vulnerable estuaries.

Port of Garibaldi
Recycling of Derelict Fishing Gear in Tillamook Bay (OR)
Maintain an existing bin for derelict fishing gear at the Port of Garibaldi. Project will intercept and haul about 25 tons of fishing gear for recycling or conversion to energy.

Portland Audubon
Improving Bird Safety in the Portland Metropolitan Area (OR, WA)
Reduce various detrimental urban impacts to birds in Oregon and Washington. Project will: 1) expand the Bird Safe/Dark Skies program; 2) educate architects and design professionals about bird-safe design; 3) coordinate with the City of Portland and Multnomah County to embed bird-friendly building standards into green building plans; 4) develop window demonstration projects; 5) organize public events; and 6) integrate bird-safe elements into habitat restoration projects.

The Mule Deer Foundation
Increasing Cross-Jurisdictional Coordination in Sagebrush Habitat (multiple states)
Increase cross-jurisdictional coordination with state agencies and other partners to implement projects on big game migration corridors and in sage-grouse core habitats. Project will improve habitat through treating invasive species, conservation easements, mesic and wet meadow habitat restoration, removing or improving fencing and restoring 3,000 acres of shrubland habitat.

Trout Unlimited
Enhancing Instream Flow in the Grande Ronde Basin (OR)
Identify, prioritize and develop water transactions in the Grande Ronde Basin of Oregon. Project will restore flow to the Wallowa and Catherine Creek subbasins to improve habitat critical to the recovery of endangered salmonids throughout the region.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service
Rehabilitation of Upper Trout Creek to Benefit Mid-Columbia River Steelhead (OR)
Restore and enhance stream habitat in Upper Trout Creek to benefit Mid-Columbia River steelhead. Project will restore 15.5 miles of stream through large wood placement, improve 3 miles of floodplain connectivity and plant native vegetation along 8 miles of riparian habitat.

Western Rivers Conservancy
Recovering a Strategic Steelhead Sanctuary on the Umatilla River (OR)
Acquire an 820-acre property and its water rights, including 2 miles of Umatilla River and the lower mile of Birch Creek to benefit steelhead. Project will place a conservation easement on another 165 acres that encompasses the floodplain and convey the property’s fee to the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.