Canaan Valley Institute
Coordinating Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture Strategies and Goals (multiple states)
Continue the activities of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture in the historic range of the species. Project will refine the strategic objectives and key conservation priorities of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture using the results of the recently completed status assessment of wild brook trout at the catchment scale.

Connecticut River Watershed Council
Restoring Habitat for Eastern Brook Trout in Thirty-one Priority Watersheds (VT)
Increase in-stream habitat, enhance habitat complexity, restore river function, improve water quality and enhance the long-term persistence of native eastern brook trout in 31 priority sub-watersheds of the Connecticut River in Vermont. Project will install large wood along 10 miles of wild brook trout streams and work with 12 private forest landowners.

Connecticut River Watershed Council
Increasing Technical Assistance to Benefit Northeast Turtles on Private Working Lands (MA, NH, VT)
Provide private landowners with technical assistance to accelerate on-the-ground delivery and implementation of Farm Bill conservation programs designed to specifically benefit two Working Lands for Wildlife priority species: wood turtle and spotted turtles in the Connecticut River watershed. Project will develop 15 best management practices to improve water quality through reductions in sediment and nutrients runoff, plus riparian buffer plantings to improve habitat for rare freshwater turtles.

State of Vermont Natural Resources Conservation Council (NRCC)
Implement and Enhance Streamside Forests to Improve Riparian Habitats in Priority Watersheds (VT)
Restore and manage at least 25 acres of forested riparian buffers in targeted high priority areas for eastern brook trout to improve and sustain habitat quality over time. Project will protect and restore healthy forests and rivers that provide important habitat for freshwater mussels and fish, native turtles, birds and pollinators.

Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District
Restoring Access to Critical Cold Water Habitat for Eastern Brook Trout on the Winooski River (VT)
Remove a barrier to fish passage on the Jail Branch of the Winooski River in Vermont, restoring access to critical cold water refuge habitat for eastern brook trout. Project will remove one barrier and reconnect more than 14 miles of upstream habitat, while also restoring instream habitat and improving floodplain function and water quality.