American Bird Conservancy
Providing Technical Assistance for Conservation Management on Private Working Lands (MT, ND, SD, WY)
Provide technical assistance to promote healthy grassland conservation to benefit grassland birds while meeting the economic bottom line for private landowners. Project will result in improved management on 6,500 acres through improved grazing rotations and fencing and water infrastructure and restore 350 acres by re-seeding annual cropland with native perennial grasses and forbs and 1,920 acres by removing windmills.

Ducks Unlimited
Restoring Habitat through the Northern Grasslands Restoration Incentives Program (MT, ND, SD, WY)
Provide technical assistance through the Northern Grasslands Restoration Incentives Program to provide an additional set of conservation options for producers throughout the Northern Great Plains who provide habitat for declining grassland birds. Project will restore 2,000 acres of grassland habitat and place 16,000 acres under improved management.

Friends of the Teton River
Advancing Adoption of Agricultural Best Management Practices Through Landowner Education (ID, WY)
Provide targeted educational opportunities for agricultural producers that accelerate the adoption of farming and ranching best management practices in the Teton Watershed to benefit water quality, quantity and yellowstone cutthroat trout. Project will employ workshops and peer-to-peer education, engage 20 producers in a pilot program, improve management on 1,650 acres, reduce nitrogen and sediment runoff and increase long-term adoption of sustainable land and water management practices.

Research Support for Management of Pollinator Species (multiple states)
Conduct research to identify priority areas for on-the-ground monarch management actions such as habitat restoration and enrichment as well as to inform regulatory review. Project will map these areas and highlight those that are most used by monarchs, recognizing that monarchs tend to migrate along riparian and wetland corridors.

Pheasants Forever
Using Decision-Support Tools to Strategically Deliver Grassland Bird Conservation (MT, SD, WY)
Collaboratively implement a tract-prioritization protocol based on grassland habitat decision-support tools to identify tracts on private land in western South Dakota, eastern Montana and eastern Wyoming with the highest value to grassland nesting passerines. Project will enroll 10,000 acres in grazing systems, integrate 50 ranchers with local stewardship resources, restore 5,000 acres of grassland habitat, improve 13 miles of fencing and restore 15 acres of riparian and wetland habitat.

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory
Community-Led Conservation of Grassland Habitat on Private Working Lands (MT, NE, SD, WY)
Maintain grassland connectivity through community-led conservation efforts, supported by sound science from diverse knowledge sources and facilitated through habitat enhancement and restoration by qualified Private Lands Wildlife Biologists. Project will provide and deliver technical support for fish and wildlife habitat conservation, restoration and improved management on 5,000 acres of private lands.

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory
Evaluating Impact of Conservation Activities on Sagebrush Obligate Songbirds (CO, ID, UT, WY)
Evaluate the impacts of conifer removal and control of annual grasses conservation projects on sagebrush obligate songbirds in the Rocky Mountain Rangelands Region. Project will provide a long-term assessment of which projects benefit sagebrush obligate songbirds and help guide future conservation investments.

The Mule Deer Foundation
Increasing Cross-Jurisdictional Coordination in Sagebrush Habitat (multiple states)
Increase cross-jurisdictional coordination with state agencies and other partners to implement projects on big game migration corridors and in sage-grouse core habitats. Project will improve habitat through treating invasive species, conservation easements, mesic and wet meadow habitat restoration, removing or improving fencing and restoring 3,000 acres of shrubland habitat.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Treating Invasives and Improving Fences to Restore Big Game Migratory Corridor Habitat (WY)
Restore and improve big game migration corridors and crucial ranges directly benefiting the Dubois, Platte Valley, Sublette and Wyoming Range mule deer herd units. Project will implement 4,076 acres of invasive weed treatments, modify 21.9 miles of fences and conduct land restoration on 2,750 acres of public land.

Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust
Permanently Protecting Migratory Bird Habitat on Waliser Ranch Through a Conservation Easement (WY)
Acquire a conservation easement on a working family ranch in Carbon County, Wyoming to permanently protect the agricultural, wildlife and other conservation values of the property. Project will place 1,432 acres under conservation easement thereby securing habitat for more than 160 bird species.