2014 Forestland Stewards Stakeholder Forum

On September 11-12, 2014, over 80 participants from federal and state agencies, non-governmental organizations and private companies attended the Forestland Stewards Stakeholder Forum in Charleston, SC. Co-hosted by NFWF and International Paper, the event engaged stakeholders across the three Forestland Stewards geographies to increase communication and knowledge sharing, expand public-private cooperation and enhance the initiative’s effectiveness in supporting shared priorities. The agenda and presentations from the event are shared below.

Thursday, September 11 

     2:30–3:30pm:                   Welcome and Forestland Stewards Initiative overview and discussion
o   Welcome
    3:30–3:45pm:                   Break
     3:45–5:00pm:                   Regional Break-out discussions
•      5:00–6:00pm:                   Break/check-in to hotel
     6:00pm–9:00pm:              Reception – Charleston Visitor Center, 375 Meeting St., Charleston, SC 29403

Friday, September 12 

     8:30–9:00am:                   Introductions and opening remarks
     9:00–9:20am:                   Introductory speaker – Dr. Richard Porcher, Professor Emeritus, The Citadel
     9:20–10:45am:                 Case studies – 2013 Forestland Stewards grantees
     10:45–11:15am:              Break
     11:15am–12:30pm:        Forest management topic presentations
o   Third-Party Forest Certification – Al Massey, International Paper
o   Developing Longleaf Growth and Yield Models – Barry Shiver, Smarter Forestry
     12:30–1:30pm:                Load buses and travel to field tour site
     1:30pm–3:00pm:            Afternoon field tour of longleaf sites
     3:30pm:                            Return to Francis Marion Hotel and adjourn