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Whooping crane | Credit: The Nature Conservancy

​Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund Projects

Following consultation with state and federal resource agencies, NFWF has awarded more than $1.4 billion in funding from the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund since 2013. The projects listed below are designed to protect, restore and enhance natural and living resources across the Gulf Coast.​


The number of awards from the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund in the state of Alabama now stands at 34, with a total current value of more than $213 million.

Lower Halls Mill Creek Protection (2019 - new)

Blackwater River South Tract Acquisition (2019 - new

Enhanced Fisheries Monitoring in Alabama’s Marine Waters

Alabama Artificial Reef a​nd Habitat Enhancement

Phase I (2015)
Phase II (2018)

Light​ning Point Acquisition and Restoration Project

Phase I (2016)​
Phase II (2018)

Restoration of the North Side of Dauphin Island - Phase I (2018)

Deer River Shoreline Stabilization - Phase I (2018)

Bon Secour River Headwater Restoration - Phase I (2018)

Bon Secour National Wildli​fe Refuge Acquisitions

Phase II (2018)

Dauphin Island Causeway Shoreline Restoration Engineering and Design (2018)

​Little Dauphin Island Restoration Assessment (2017)​

Dauphin Island Bird Habitat Acquisition and Enhancement Program (2017)

Mobile County Conservati​on Acquisition and Salt Aire Shoreline Restoration
Acquisition (2015)​
Mobile B​ay Shore Habitat Conservation and Acquisition Initiative 
Phase I (2015)

Gulf Highlands Conservation Acquisition (2016)

Fowl River Watershed Restoration: Coastal Spits and Wetlands Project – Phase I (2016)

Dauphin Island Conservation Acquisition (2016)

Bon Secour – Oyster Bay Wetland Acquisition Project (2016)

Alabama Coastal Bird Stewardship Program (2016)

Grand Bay Acquisition (2015)​

​​Coastal Habitat Restoration Planning Initiative (2014)

Alabama Marine Mammal Conservation and Recovery Program (2014)

Alabama Barrier Island Restoration Assessment (2014)

Restoration and Enhancement of Oyster Reefs in Alabama (2013)

Fowl River Watershed Restoration (2013)

D’Olive Watershed Restoration (2013)​


The number of awards from the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund in the state of Florida now stands at 39, with a total current value of nearly $223 million.

Panhandle Dune Restoration (2019 - new)

Apalachicola Bay Oyster Restoration

​Phase I (2013)
Phase II (2019-new)

​​MK Ranch Hydrologic Restoration (2019 - new)

Apalachicola River Slough Restoration

​​Phase I (2019 new)

​​​​​St. Ma​rks National Wildlife Refuge Saltmarsh Restoration 

​​​​Phase I (2019 - new)

​​Wulfert Bayous Bird Nesting Habitat Restoration (2019-new)

Pensacola East Bay Oyster Habitat Restoration

​Phase I (2015)
Phase II (2018

Restoration ​of Florida’s Coastal Dune Lakes

​Phase I (2014)
Phase II (2018)

Lower Suwannee and Gulf Watershed Conservation Easement (2018)

Eliminating Light Pollution at Sea Turtle Nesting Beaches

Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge Acquisitions (2018)

Long Term Sea Turtle Predation Management (2018)

Southwest Florida Wading Bird Nesting Island Enhancement (2018)

Assessment for Recovery of Gulf of Mexico Fisheries

Restoration and Management of Escribano Point Coastal Habitat


The number of awards from the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund in the state of Louisiana now stands at 13, with a total current value of more than $607 million.

Adaptive Management: Louisiana River Diversions and Barrier Islands

Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion: Engineering and Design

Increase Atchafalaya Flow to Terrebonne: Planning, Engineering and Design

Camin​ada Beach and Dune Increment Engineering, Design and Construction


The number of awards from the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund in the state of Mississippi now stands at 23, with a total current value of nearly $159 million. 

Reef Fish Assessment for Mississippi Coastal and Nearshore Gulf Waters 

​​Phase I (2014) 

Phase II (2017)

Phases III and IV (2019-new)

Oyster Restoration and Management 

​​Phase I (2015) 
Phase II (2019-new) 

​​Enhancement of St. Louis Bay Oyster Reef (2019-new)

​Mississippi Offshore Artificial Reef and Habitat Enhancement (2019-new)

Pascagoula River Corridor Acquisitions (2017)

Coastal Headwaters Protection Due Diligence (2017)​

Utilization of Dredge Material for Marsh Restoration in Coastal Mississippi

Phase I (2014)
Phase II (2017)

M​ississippi Coastal Restoration Plan

Audu​bon Coastal Bird Stewardship Program in Mississippi


The number of awards from the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund in the state of Texas now stands at 55, with a total current value of more than $183 million.

Swan Lake Marsh Restoration (2019-new)

Chocolate Bay Wetland Habitat Acquisition (2019-new)

Matagorda Peninsula Acquisition (2019-new)

Mad Island Marsh Shoreline Protection (2019-new)

Enhancement of Buffalo Lake Marsh Complex (2019-new)

Mission River Land Acquisition (2019-new)

Nueces Delta Shoreline Erosion Protection (2019-new) 

 ​​Dollar Bay-Moses Lake Shoreline Enhancement and Restoration

​​Phase I (2014)
Phase II (2016)
Phase III (2019)

East Matagorda Bay Land Conservation (2018)

Greens Lake Protection and M​arsh Restoration

Engineering & Design (2014)
Construction (2018)

South Padre Island Land Acquisitions

Phase I (2017)
Phase II (2018)

Port Aransas Nature Preserve Debris Removal (2018)

Bahia Grande Coastal Corridor Acquisitions

Phase I (2015)
Phase II (2017)
Phase III (2018)

Salt Bayou Beach Ridge Restoration

G​alveston Island State Park Marsh Restoration & Protection

​Phase I (2013)
Phase II (2015)
Phase III (2017)  

Follets Island land Acquisition and Conservation Program

​Phase I (2016)
Phase II (2017)

Hydrological Restoration of Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge Wetlands - Phase I (2017)

Mad Island Marsh Preserve Shoreline Protection and Coastal Ecosystem Restoration (2016) 

Matagorda Wetlands Acquisition and Conservation (2016) 

Dagger Island Restoration Project (2016)

Galveston Bay Sustainable Oyster Reef Restoration (2015)

Candy Abshier Wildlife Management Area Shoreline Protection and Marsh Restoration (2015)

Falcon Point Ranch Conservation Easement Acquisition (2015)

Matagorda Bay Rookery Island, Feasibility Study and Alternatives Analysis (2015)

Bahia Grande Restoration (2015)

Cow Trap Lake Bird Nesting Island Improvements (2015)

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge Coastal Marsh Acquisition (2014)

Coastal Heritage Preserve Initiative: Bayside Acquisition and Easement (2014)

Virginia Point Shoreline Protection and Estuarine Restoration (2014)

Oyster Lake Shoreline Protection and Restoration (2014)

Egery Flats Marsh Restoration (2014)

Nueces Bay Rookery Islands Restoration (2014)

Powderhorn Ranch Land Acquisition (2014)

Sea Rim State Park Coastal Dune Restoration (2013)

West Galveston Bay Conservation Corridor Habitat Preservation (2013)

Oyster Reef Restoration in East Bay (2013)​

Gulf Coast Migratory Waterfowl Habitat Enhancement (2013)​

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