With support from JPMORGAN CHASE, NFWF will conduct assessments of coastal resilience projects and develop new data-driven models to improve future efforts to strengthen natural features that minimize the impacts of storms and flooding events on coastal communities.


JPMORGAN CHASE and NFWF began working together in 2019 to conduct assessments of resiliency projects funded under the Emergency Coastal Resilience Fund (ECRF) and to develop improved modeling tools to support planning for future resilience programs. The Emergency Coastal Resilience Fund was established to invest in conservation projects that restore or expand natural features that minimize the impacts of storms and other naturally occurring flooding events on coastal communities while also providing habitat for fish and wildlife. This partnership provides NFWF support to conduct assessments of restoration projects implemented through the ECRF and work towards developing predictive models to determine the extent to which projects provide flooding protection to local communities. In addition, this effort will support our ability to make more informed evaluations of future coastal resilience proposals.