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  • Sagebrush Shrub-Steppe Mitigation

    The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is seeking proposals to create permanent, in-kind replacement of 50-acres of mature sagebrush shrub-steppe habitat in Benton and/or Franklin County, Washington (Map 1).

    Map 1. Benton and Franklin Counties, Washington

    Mature sagebrush shrub-steppe is a Washington State “Priority Habitat.” Forty-percent of this non-forested vegetation has been lost over the past century due to natural and anthropogenic causes, such as land conversion. This creates habitat loss, fragmentation, increased wildfire risk, and other issues affecting the long-term survival rate of sensitive wildlife and plants.

    Funding for this program is from Battelle Memorial Institute, Pacific Northwest Division.


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  • (Updated: 3/20/2015)


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