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 2012 Request for Proposals - Local Communications and Outreach Support Contractor for the Walker Basin Restoration Program

Application Deadline: May 6, 2012


The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) invites interested not-for-profit and for-profit individuals and organizations to submit proposals that will be used to select a qualified contractor to provide local communications and outreach support for the Walker Basin Restoration Program (Program). Preference will be given to applicants who live and/or work regularly in the northern Nevada/eastern Sierra Nevada region.


The Program administered by NFWF was established by Public Law 111-85 in October 2009 for the primary purpose of restoring and maintaining Walker Lake, a natural desert lake in Nevada at the terminus of the Walker River stream system of Nevada-California. The Lake is critical to recovery of the threatened Lahontan cutthroat trout (LCT), and has long been an important stopover for common loons and other migratory waterfowl. Yet due to insufficient freshwater inflows, the Lake’s elevation has been declining since the early 1900s, resulting in increased salinity to levels which today threaten its complete ecological collapse.

The Program seeks to restore and maintain Walker Lake through the following strategies: the acquisition of water rights and related interests from willing sellers with subsequent temporary and permanent transfers instream to benefit the Walker River and Walker Lake; a water leasing demonstration program to be implemented by the Walker River Irrigation District; conservation and stewardship of lands affected by the acquisition program; and, relevant research such as finding alternatives to high-water use crops, economic impact studies, and the development of a Decision Support Tool to help inform the acquisition and leasing programs.

For more information about the Program, please visit our website at www.walkerbasin.org.

Qualifications Sought

To assist the Program in its work, this RFP is seeking a qualified local entity that can serve as an independent contractor to NFWF and should have specific expertise in the following areas:

  1. Web Design - including, but not limited to, familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, and HTML and some knowledge of additional programming languages and software, writing website content, keeping content up to date, assisting with future development of the website, and other associated tasks.
  2. Media Outreach - including, but not limited to, drafting press releases, monitoring the internet and local newspapers for relevant articles, keeping a news feed up to date, and other associated tasks.
  3. Branding - including, but not limited to, developing further branding around the existing logo, creating a template for Microsoft PowerPoint, designing and managing the printing of a brochure about the Walker Basin and any other printed reports, and other associated tasks.
  4. Research - including, but not limited to, video recording interviews with local landowners, video editing, gathering data about the Walker Basin and Program (historical and current), and other associated tasks.
  5. Events Coordination - including, but not limited to, designing concepts for special events in the Walker Basin and elsewhere, managing guest lists and itineraries, coordinating during events to make sure everything runs smoothly, and other associated tasks.

Applicants should have the ability to take initiative and show creativity in assisting the Program in developing outreach materials and improving communication and outreach opportunities. The applicant should have a solid foundation in working in rural communities and should have a proven ability to effectively communicate through various mediums to a wide variety of people. The applicant should demonstrate common sense and discretion related to potentially sensitive issues.

It is anticipated that the applicant will work closely with Program staff and with other Program contractors to develop additional outreach materials. The applicant will also coordinate with the communications staff in NFWF’s Washington, D.C. office on the Walker Basin website, press announcements and branding guidelines, where applicable.

The applicant selected will contract directly with NFWF using the standard NFWF contract for services appropriately adapted to Program needs and individual circumstances. Execution of the initial contract will begin as soon as possible after the award date and will last for a maximum of three years.

Application Instructions

  1. Address each item in the “Application Outline” below.
  2. Limit your application to a maximum of six (6) pages, also please minimize supplementary materials.  (We will follow-up as needed.)
  3. E-mail a Word or PDF version of your application to walkerbasin@nfwf.org; in the subject line, please indicate Response to RFP for Walker Basin Restoration Program Local Communications and Outreach Support – [name of applicant].
  4. Applications must be e-mailed no later than midnight PST on May 6, 2012.

For More Information: Please send questions and inquiries to walkerbasin@nfwf.org. We will respond to all questions within a week of receiving them.

Application Outline

Your description (in no more than six (6) pages) of your and/or your organization’s qualifications should include the following elements:

  1. Contact information. Please provide a Primary Contact Person, Entity Name, Address, Phone, E-mail, Website, and EIN or SSN.
  2. Mission and profile. Please describe your and/or your organization’s mission and background. Please include geographic service area, number of clients, how long you have been in business, and your annual budget. If you have an annual report, please include as an attachment. If you have a website or Facebook page, please provide that information as well.
  3. Past experience. Please detail your experience in providing contractual services similar to those required by the Program as detailed above. List recent (last two-five years) accomplishments, events and previous services related to your expertise in providing communications and outreach assistance.
  4. Key staff. Please provide names and brief biographies of key staff. You may attach resumes of key staff as appropriate. Please include all programming software and languages as well as editing software staff is familiar with.
  5. Method of evaluation. Describe how you currently evaluate the effectiveness of the services you provide to other clients/partners and how you will evaluate the effectiveness of the services you provide through this Program
  6. Ideas. Provide 1 to 2 paragraphs on how you think you and/or your organization can help improve the Program’s website, outreach, and communication efforts.
  7. Fee structure. Estimate the program/service fees and describe the fee structure for each of the services you provide. Please highlight any non-profit discounts on the services you provide and include an estimated travel budget for work in the Walker Basin.
  8. References. Please include contact information of three references (clients or partners) who have benefited from your services as described above.

Selection Criteria

  1. Knowledge and track record: Applicants must demonstrate expertise and experience in providing communications and outreach assistance
  2. Experience in WBRP region. Preference will be given to applicants who have experience working in or are otherwise familiar with the Walker River Basin.
  3. Capacity and flexibility to deliver services: Applicants must demonstrate that they have a degree of flexibility in how and where services are delivered, and that they have the ability to tailor content and delivery methods to meet the specific needs of the WBRP.
  4. Location: Applicants already working in the Walker River Basin or living within daily driving distance of the Walker River Basin will be given preference.

Selection Process and Timeline

NFWF will make final selections based on the Selection Criteria listed above. Applicants will be notified if follow-up interviews are necessary, and these will likely take place the week of May 14, 2012. Notifications of acceptance (or rejection) will be provided by email no later than May 31, 2012.


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