Shell Road terminus of Coney Island Creek ​ | Credit: Jim Henderson 
  • Coney Island Creek Environmental Benefit Project Fund

    ​The Coney Island Creek Environmental Benefit Project Fund (CICF) is an environmental grant program created by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).  Funds for the CICF were obtained by DEC pursuant to an Order on Consent with Beach Haven Apartments Associates, LLC, a residential building complex, for illicit sewage discharges into New York City waters.  

    The CICF is committed to a transparent and objective process, and to engaging with the community. The goal of the grant program is to secure environmental improvements in Coney Island Creek and foster public involvement in management of the creek. Projects should increase opportunities for public stewardship of natural resources and enhance public awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the creek environment and the role that the public can play in its improvement. The following reflects the type of Environmental Benefit Projects sought by the CICF:

    • Water quality improvement and green infrastructure projects to reduce combined sewer overflows, stormwater runoff and nonpoint source pollution into Coney Island Creek  
    • Ecological projects to restore habitats, ecological function and resiliency 
    • Recreational projects to deliver environmentally sustainable recreational activities around Coney Island Creek 
    • Open space projects to create or enhance public open spaces, including playgrounds and sports fields, as well as undeveloped areas 
    • Waterfront access projects to create or enhance public access to the waterfront establishing physical connections between the waterfront and the surrounding neighborhood 

    The CICF is administered for the DEC by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.


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