What We Do
Big-horned sheep | Credit: Jonny Armstrong

Forests and Grasslands

North America’s forests and grasslands provide refuge for thousands of species, many of which are unique to the continent. As our open lands become increasingly fragmented, lost or degraded, high-quality habitat is critical to keep populations of wildlife from declining.

NFWF focuses on issues that are crucial to birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians in these areas, to ensure that these populations survive.


NFWF supports results-oriented projects for forest and grassland species, from songbirds to the pronghorn. We work with partners across the country to: 

  • Restore degraded habitat
  • Improve stewardship on private ranching, forest and agricultural lands
  • Expand core conservation areas
  • Address barriers to wildlife movement. 

 Target Species


Bog turtle  l  Hawaiian forest birds  l  Gopher tortoise l  Chiricahua leopard frog  l  Pronghorn  l  Grizzly bears  l  Disappearing grassland birds like the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken and the Gunnison Sage-grouse


 Feature Story


Mountain peaks  — "islands" in the desert — once towered over vast, productive grasslands in the Southwest. Today, these Sky Islands sustain wildlife species found nowhere else in the world.