AAF-SCC crew completing Pronghorn fence modification (AZ) | Credit: John Millican (Arizona Antelope Foundation)
  • Developing the Next Generation of Conservationists

    NFWF launched Developing the Next Generation of Conservationists in December 2011. The program provides grant funding for urban, tribal and minority youth to engage with the natural world and discover career opportunities available in conservation. The program is a partnership among NFWF, the U.S. Forest Service, American Eagle Outfitters and the Coca-Cola Foundation.

    Funding priorities for this program include:

    • ​Supporting environmental literacy and stewardship behaviors 
    • Providing paid internships or jobs in the outdoors to underserved urban, rural and tribal youth
    • Increasing mentorship, training and educational opportunities for youth with natural resource professionals
    • Implementing hands-on habitat restoration, stewardship, monitoring and other conservation-related activities
    • Projects that align with other NFWF conservation programs

    In its first five years, Developing the Next Generation of Conservationists awarded grants totaling $13.4 million to 168 projects across the nation. These awards were leveraged by $22.4 million in non-federal contributions raised by grantees and resulted in more than 4,750 jobs for youth, more than 220,000 acres restored and more than 40,000 volunteers engaged.


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