District of Columbia

Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
Developing an Integrated Community-based Monitoring Approach to Track Restoration (DC, MD, PA, VA)
Leverage relationships with local, county, state and federal agencies, community partners and restoration experts to ensure that the monitoring plan developed meets diverse needs. Project will complete research on existing restoration monitoring protocols and engagement of diverse stakeholders, conduct development of a comprehensive community-based restoration study design, and develop protocol testing and data generation at two to four restoration sites at varying stages of installation.

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
Responsible Recreation – Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Recreation During the COVID 19 Crisis (DC)
Developed the Responsible Recreation campaign, in collaboration with member agencies, partners and the outdoor recreation industry as a whole. Project will address potential impact of the COVID 19 crisis on outdoor recreation and its stakeholders.

Chesapeake Bay Trust
Chesapeake Bay Trust Regional Capacity Building Initiative (DC, MD, PA, VA, WV)
Build collaborative and organizational capacity of regional entities and organizations within the Chesapeake Bay watershed working together to accelerate watershed restoration through tailored assessment. Project will heighten capacity of groups to advance clean water plans, increase communication, coordination and collaboration among partners within and across priority regions within the watershed, and increase power of the grassroots movement for sustained environmental and clean water protections.

Chesapeake Bay Commission
Lessons Learned from Decades of Experiences of the Chesapeake Bay Program Partnership (multiple states)
Draft and publish peer-reviewed literature summarizing the core set of lessons learned through the work of the Chesapeake Bay restoration partnership which are applicable to other watershed-based/partnership-based restoration efforts. Project will share the key lessons learned during the multi-decade, partnership-based, Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts, and will result in a multi-media series of “lessons learned” products.

Chesapeake Stormwater Network
Chesapeake Bay Stormwater Training and Engagement in Urban Watersheds (multiple states)
Focus stormwater training and engagement efforts on four critical and vulnerable target populations in the Bay watershed to accelerate the pace of local nutrient reduction and promote more widespread implementation of effective stormwater and restoration practices across the watershed.

Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
Responsible Recreation: Protecting Conservation Funding Through Social Outreach (DC)
Maintain the integrity of conservation funding mechanisms that are dependent on the ongoing availability of access to our public lands, waters and facilities that support hunting, recreational fishing, boating, and shooting sports. Project will support activities that generate the majority of funding for state-based conservation through the American System of Conservation Funding.

Department of Energy and Environment
Enhancing Community Partnerships for Restoration of the Anacostia River Corridor (DC)
Restore freshwater tidal habitat in the Anacostia River. Project will lead to the creation of one comprehensive restoration plan and restoration of 10 acres of tidal wetland for American black duck and water quality improvements.

Department of Energy and Environment
Oxon Run Environmental Assessment and Preliminary Designs (DC)
Conduct an environmental assessment and develop preliminary designs for over 16,000 feet of restored stream and wetland creation for Oxon Run in southeast Washington, District of Columbia. Project will develop designs focused on reducing impacts from a 100 year flood, removing 5,000 feet of a trapezoidal concrete stream channel, and improving in-stream habitat conditions.

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
River Herring Habitat Assessment (DC, MD)
Evaluate river herring habitats upstream and downstream of the fish blockages and monitor for the strength of river herring, and provide a brief study informational plan. Project will restore river herring access and provide capacity and planning information for Prince George’s County Department of the Environments and District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment.

National Wildlife Federation
Developing Capacity Building Framework within the Chesapeake Bay Community (multiple states)
Address gaps in capacity within the Chesapeake Bay community through a partnership with the Choose Clean Water Coalition and the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, with the objective to research, analyze and develop a capacity building framework. Project will target an audience of capacity builders and the NGO community with missions that include improving the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
Promoting Responsible Outdoor Recreation in the Time of Coronavirus (DC)
Work with other leaders in the conservation community to promote the message of responsible recreation. Project will launch a social media campaign promoting #responsiblerecreation.