Grants Library

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation supports vital conservation projects across the United States and its territories. Please search our grants library for additional information on individual grants.

Year Name Organization Location Award Amount
2024 Marine Debris Prevention and Art Outreach Campaign (CT) Sea Research Foundation, Inc. Connecticut Parks: Lighthouse Point, Esker Point Beach, Bluff Point, Ocean Beach $118,035.16
2024 Increasing Habitat for Monarchs at Puma Canyon Ecological Reserve (CA) Transition Habitat Conservancy San Bernardino County, California $230,041.42
2024 Stream restoration in California Park Wet Meadows (CO) National Forest Foundation California Park, Colorado. $119,177.10
2024 Restore Habitat and Assess the Population Status of Galapagos Petrels on Park Lands (Galapagos) Galapagos Conservancy Santa Cruz Island, Isabela Island, and Santiago Island, Galapagos, Ecuador $200,000.00
2024 Preliminary Design for Marsh and Mangrove Restoration in Bayou Thunder and Bay Ronfluer (LA) Grand Isle Independent Levee District Bayou Thunder and Bay Ronfleur, North of Grand Isle, Jefferson Parish Louisiana. Approximate center coordinate: 29°11'56.43"N 90° 4'27.90"W $607,327.00
2024 Promoting Delayed Harvesting of Hay to Benefit Bobolink and Other Grassland Birds (MA,NH,VT) Massachusetts Audubon Society, Inc. Lake Champlain Basin and the Connecticut River Valley, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont $263,984.57
2024 Conservation Easements in the Prairie Pothole Region (SD) The Nature Conservancy Eastern South Dakota $155,050.41
2024 Increasing the Resiliency of Galapagos Petrel through Predator Control and Restoration (Galapagos) Fundación de Conservación Jocotoco Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador $60,000.00
2024 Inventorying Fish Species Presence in Controller Bay Streams and Lakes (AK) Wild Salmon Center Copper River Delta and Bering River, Alaska $98,539.62
2024 Preventing Nitrogen Pollution from Stone Pond Dam (NH) Connecticut River Watershed Council dba Connecticut River Conservancy Stone Pond Dam, Scott Brook, Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire $359,993.40