Strategies & Results

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation funds projects that get measurable results. Since our founding in 1984, NFWF has earned a reputation for effective, results-oriented approaches to conservation problems. We invest in a variety of conservation strategies to achieve our goals. Analyzing the outcomes of our actions and measuring our impact is an important part of what we do.

Conservation Planning and Evaluation

NFWF uses the best available science to identify conservation issues and plan effective actions. From the start, we design programs to be outcome-focused. NFWF Business Plans lay out the strategies for our conservation priority programs. We evaluate our results​ through third-party evaluations and internal assessments. This process helps us to:

  • Better clarify program goals

  • Gauge progress over time

  • Inform future decision making

  • Improve program management

NFWF bases its review cycle on recommendations of the Conservation Measures Partnership.

Staff Representatives

Christina Kakoyannis Annamarie Lopata
Director, Conservation Planning and Evaluation Senior Evaluation Officer