Big Oaks Conservation Society
Dock and Fishing Outreach at Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge (IN)
Build a dock and concrete pad and host fishing events for the public at Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge. Project will increase accessible facilities at the refuge, increase the number of fishing participants, and raise awareness of conservation.

Delta Institute
Duck Creek Tributary Restoration and Stabilization (IN)
Restore a 0.2 mile section of Duck Creek through stream bank restoration and riparian buffer installation as part of a phased approach. Project will improve water quality, enhance instream and riparian habitat quality, and reduce local flooding by increasing infiltration capacity.

Indiana Dunes Environmental Learning Center
Environmental STEM Education in the Lake Michigan Watershed (IN)
Deliver a continuum of community-based environmental programs that connect classroom lessons with the Lake Michigan watershed. Project will reach 200 participating teachers and 5,000 Northwest Indiana students with limited access to nature in primarily low-income, urban areas and restore 5 acres through planting 25 trees, removing invasive plants, planting native plugs and spreading native needs.

LaGrange County Community Foundation 
Removing and Managing Woody and Herbaceous Invasive Species Around Duff Lake (IN)
Build on a previously successful grant to control invasive herbaceous and woody plant species through retreatment efforts on ecologically unique, restored fen, prairie, and oak savanna habitat around Duff Lake in LaGrange County, Indiana. Project will reinforce the effects of the original project and protect the acquired effects by controlling invasive plant species on a total of 208 acres of habitat.

Student Conservation Association
Calumet Tree Conservation Corps (IN)
Reduce stormwater runoff and create urban habitat by planting 500 new trees in northwest Indiana. Project will build upon previous investments and continue to improve water quality at a regional scale while engaging the community and volunteers.

Trout Unlimited
Brook Trout Monitoring and Evaluation for Sustain our Great Lakes (multiple states)
Conduct an evaluation to understand brook trout response, including abundance, young of year, multiple life stages, and effective breeders, to the improved access to and quality of habitat. Project will track progress towards the Great Lakes Business Plan stream habitat related goals.