Northern Mariana Islands

CNMI Office of Planning and Development
Enhancing Wetlands and Corals Resilience in Saipan’s Priority Management Watershed (CNMI)
Build community resilience in Saipan’s most populated priority management watershed through wetland and coral reef restoration. Project will restore 2.5 acres of wetlands and one acre of coral reefs benefiting over 250 species, including endangered as well as economically important species, and establish a pipeline of projects to reduce flooding and pollutant runoff and increase community resiliency.

Mariana Islands Nature Alliance
Removal of Marine Debris from Typhoon Yutu in Coastal Areas of Saipan and Tinian (CNMI)
Assess, remove and dispose of marine debris from Typhoon Yutu, in Tinian Harbor. Project will remove marine debris to prevent further damage to coral reef and other sensitive coastal habitats.

Pacific Coastal Research and Planning
Removal of the Derelict Fishing Vessel Lady Carolina from the Reef in Saipan Lagoon (CNMI)
Remove and properly dispose of the derelict fishing vessel Lady Carolina from the coral reef in the Saipan Lagoon. Project will remove and dispose of the vessel broken up by Typhoon Yutu to prevent further damage to the reef and allow it to recover.

Pacific Coastal Research and Planning
Shoreline Stabilization and Enhancement Plan for the Beach Road Pathway (CNMI)
Develop a Shoreline Master Plan for a highly used 6-mile portion of Saipan’s western coast. Project will produce a comprehensive management plan as well as select one project for further development and implementation.