Puerto Rico

North Carolina State University
Expanding Prescribed Fire Delivery to Restore Southeast Forests (multiple states)
Expand and accelerate the implementation of prescribed fire to restore and enhance longleaf pine habitat and other fire dependent forest and grassland communities within the Southeast. Project will engage landowners, including underserved landowners and fire practitioners through technical assistance, training and outreach to increase the use of prescribed fire.

Protectores de Cuencas
Evaluating Success of Land-based Pollution Management for Coral Habitat (PR)
Pilot a cost-effective water quality and sediment monitoring program, including citizen science monitoring, sediment traps, remote sensing, data sondes and watershed modeling in Culebra, Puerto Rico. Project will evaluate land-based pollution to help management in reducing sediment reaching nearshore coral and seagrass habitats, while engaging the local community and federal and local government.

Scuba Dogs Society
Urban Coastal Conservation and Monitoring of Leatherback Turtles Through Public Participation (PR)
Restore three beaches with leatherback nesting habitat in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Project will develop a solid waste and marine debris prevention program, collect beach water and microplastic samples and implement monitoring and educational outreach for the leatherback nesting season.

The Ocean Foundation
Electronic Monitoring for the Caribbean Small Boat Highly Migratory Species Fishery (PR)
Pilot electronic monitoring on small vessels operating in the Puerto Rico highly migratory species commercial fishery and convene a workshop to share lessons learned from a similar effort completed by the Quinault Indian Nation. Project will improve data collection in a fishery with no current reporting requirements and demonstrate a proven path towards small scale fishery electronic monitoring for U.S. Caribbean fishermen.

University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla
Using Mangrove Restoration to Improve Coastal Community Resilience in Puerto Rico
Restore 59 hectares in four hurricane-destroyed basin mangroves to improve storm protections and ecosystem services for three coastal communities in Puerto Rico through hazardous dead tree removal, tidal flow restoration, mangrove seedlings plantings and monitoring equipment installation. Project will help protect more than 300 structures from storm surges, engage three communities, two universities and 500 volunteers and implement an innovative shelterwood harvest system.