Bear River Land Conservancy
Increasing the Pace and Scale of Conservation Easements in the Bear River Watershed (ID, UT, WY)
Increase the pace and scale of conservation easements in the Bear River Basin of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. Project will accelerate the pace of land conservation through creative thinking, successful partnerships and an ability to work with and communicate effectively with landowners and partners while pursuing opportunities to streamline and expedite conservation easements.

Research Support for Management of Pollinator Species (multiple states)
Conduct research to identify priority areas for on-the-ground monarch management actions such as habitat restoration and enrichment as well as to inform regulatory review. Project will map these areas and highlight those that are most used by monarchs, recognizing that monarchs tend to migrate along riparian and wetland corridors.

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory
Evaluating Impact of Conservation Activities on Sagebrush Obligate Songbirds (CO, ID, UT, WY)
Evaluate the impacts of conifer removal and control of annual grasses conservation projects on sagebrush obligate songbirds in the Rocky Mountain Rangelands Region. Project will provide a long-term assessment of which projects benefit sagebrush obligate songbirds and help guide future conservation investments.

Summit Land Conservancy
Increasing Capacity for Conservation Easements on Working Lands (UT)
Increase capacity to place permanent conservation easements on working lands containing sensitive wetlands, key migratory corridors and critical wildlife habitat in the upper Weber and Provo River watersheds in Summit, Wasatch, Weber and Morgan counties. Project will place conservation easements on 4,854 acres of privately owned working agricultural lands and open spaces.

The Mule Deer Foundation
Increasing Cross-Jurisdictional Coordination in Sagebrush Habitat (multiple states)
Increase cross-jurisdictional coordination with state agencies and other partners to implement projects on big game migration corridors and in sage-grouse core habitats. Project will improve habitat through treating invasive species, conservation easements, mesic and wet meadow habitat restoration, removing or improving fencing and restoring 3,000 acres of shrubland habitat.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Non-native Fish Management and Habitat Restoration on the Escalante River (UT)
Remove and monitor nonnative fish in Slickrock Saddle Bench Spring and the Escalante River to benefit roundtail chub, bluehead sucker and flannelmouth sucker populations. Project will restore and improve 0.5 miles of riparian and aquatic habitat.