Crook County Soil and Water Conservation District
Conserving Sage-Grouse Habitat (OR)
Provide technical assistance to benefit greater sage-grouse in Crook and Deschutes counties, Oregon. Project will develop nine site-specific plans for bringing 300,000 acres under improved management.

Crooked River Watershed Council
Improving Irrigation Efficiency and Water Quality in the Crooked River Basin (OR)
Implement conservation projects that will result in measurable change on instream flows and water quality in the Lower Crooked River watershed in Oregon. Project will bring 1,500 acres under improved management, targeting 1,400 producers and landowners.

Deschutes River Conservancy
Deschutes Basin Streamflow Restoration (OR)
Restore stream flow in Oregon’s Deschutes Basin through water transactions. Project will improve habitat and water quality for native fish, including salmon and federally listed steelhead trout.

Family Water Alliance
Collaboration to Identify Projects along the Klamath River Basin (CA, OR)
Identify projects within the Klamath Basin Watershed to improve delivery of water to fish and farms. Project will include ecosystem restoration, water supply enhancement, and collaboration from multiple stakeholder groups.

National Audubon Society
Increase Collaboration of Sagebrush Conservation (multiple states)
Coordinate communication between stakeholders to elevate dialog about the value and need for sagebrush conservation. Project will bring 100 acres of sagebrush habitat under improved management, develop media resources for community stake holders and host field tour events that elevate on-the-ground conservation.

Nez Perce Tribe
Increase Flow Restoration Efforts in the Nez Perce Tribal Geographies (ID, OR, WA)
Increase flow restoration efforts in the Nez Perce tribal geographies. Project will increase tribal capacity to coordinate with other groups developing water transactions within the broad geography of ceded lands, and also enable the Tribe to propose transactions uniquely linked to tribal relationships, tribal treaty rights, and tribal sovereignty.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Decreasing Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions along U.S. Highway 97 to Conserve Mule Deer Populations (OR)
Install exclusionary structures to direct mule deer and elk to newly constructed wildlife underpass along U.S. Highway 97 between miles 178 and 183 in central Oregon. Project will improve public safety and reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions by installing 10 miles of fencing, reconnecting 75 miles of a migration corridor.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Real-Time Instream Flow Assessment of Transactions (OR)
Develop a real-time instream flow tracking system to ensure that Columbia Basin Water Transactions Program transactions are monitored and enforced through an automated program. Project will increase instream flows by ensuring stakeholders are immediately aware when legally protected senior instream flows are not being met and regulation or management adjustments are necessary.

Oregon Water Resources Department
Water Transaction Coordination and Monitoring (OR)
Provide assistance to Oregon Qualified Local Entities on water transactions for proposed streamflow restoration projects, including instream transfers, instream leases, and allocations of conserved water. Project will ensure the conditions specified in final orders are monitored and when necessary enforced through regulation to protect all instream flows.

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan for the Klamath River (CA, OR)
Complete a final draft of the Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan for the Klamath River. Project will convene a series of work sessions and produce a revised version of the Klamath Plan.

Sustainable Northwest
Pacific Northwest Forest Collaboratives and Indian Tribes Restoration Initiative (OR, WA)
Partner with Indian tribes and forest collaboratives to implement and monitor fuels and wildfire risk reduction projects with forest restoration and wildlife habitat enhancement on three Pacific Northwest landscapes. Project will improve rural and indigenous community protection against fire and restore forests, resulting in more than 430,000 acres managed for strategic fuel reductions and long-term conservation outcomes in Oregon and Washington.

The Trust for Public Land
Spence Mountain Conservation (OR)
Work with Klamath Trails Alliance, Klamath County, and other federal, state and local partners to acquire the 7,500-acre Spence Mountain property in southern Oregon. Project will protect critical fish and wildlife habitat from subdivision and fragmentation, including shoreline habitat for threatened and endangered species of fish, winter range for black-tailed deer, and bird habitat for species traveling along the Pacific Flyway.

Trout Unlimited
Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Core Grant 2020 (CA, OR, NV)
Continue to address the needs identified in the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout (LCT) Business Plan. Project will provide partner coordination, science guidance, and field crew activities, including LCT expansion, hybridization management/assessment, barrier retrofitting and design, and eDNA monitoring.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service
Riparian Restoration and Steelhead Recovery at Camp Creek (OR)
Protect riparian habitat to allow full expression of streamside and floodplain vegetation through exclosure fencing along designated critical habitat for Mid-Columbia River summer steelhead. Project will allow streamside sedges and grasses to grow to over 30 inches, and protect native hardwoods shrubs, increasing critical shade to cool existing water temperatures.

Umatilla County Soil and Water Conservation District
Technical Assistance for Producers in the Lower Umatilla Basin Groundwater Management Area (OR)
Administer soil health education and outreach, provide technical assistance to producers, and monitor outcomes in the Lower Umatilla Basin Groundwater Management Area in Oregon. Project will increase awareness, implementation and technical assistance in conservation practices for producers, targeting 1,300 producers to prevent 1,200 tons of sediment, 54 tons of phosphorus and 123 tons of nitrogen runoff from entering the system annually.

Western Rivers Conservancy
Conserving Habitat for Sage-grouse and Lahontan Cutthroat Trout (NV, OR)
Restore greater sage-grouse habitat, reintroduce Lahontan cutthroat trout and habitat connectivity to the greater sagebrush landscape on Disaster Peak Ranch, straddling the Nevada-Oregon border. Project will permanently conserve the Disaster Peak Ranch, bringing 3,345 acres under improved management and restoring improved hydrology in the mesic areas of the ranch.