Puerto Rico

Marine Applied Research Center
Identifying Coral Reef Restoration Priorities in Puerto Rico Based on Resilience Factors (PR)
Generate information on spatial variation in the resilience and vulnerability of the coral reefs in Puerto Rico to rising environmental stressors. Project will develop maps that represent resilience, vulnerability, and opportunities for restoration and recovery to help prioritize conservation efforts.

Protectores de Cuencas
Using Habitat Restoration, Expansion and Creation to Protect and Adapt Critical Infrastructure (PR)
Assess and design fringing reef to restore and expand mangrove habitats at nearshore areas adjacent to PR-250. Project will use engineering with nature approaches to restore, expand and create habitats that reduce flood risks and dynamically adapt to sea level rise while increasing essential fish habitats, as well as provide education and recreation opportunities.

Sociedad Ambiente Marino
Restoring the three-dimensional structure of hurricane-impacted coral reefs in Puerto Rico
Restore the three-dimensional structure across of coral reefs that were severely damaged by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Project will use a multi-method restoration approach that combines the outplanting of artificial coral colonies created with emerging 3D printing technology with multispecies outplants composed of morphologically complex branching and massive corals.

Identifying Priority Sites for Reef Restoration in Saipan (CNMI)
Develop a framework for identifying, prioritizing candidate sites to implement coral reef restoration in Saipan. Project will assess restoration need, restoration feasibility, and likelihood of short and long-term coral survivorship.

The Ocean Foundation
Planning a Collaborative Sustainable Seafood Strategy in Puerto Rico
Promote locally caught fish and plan a social marketing campaign to raise awareness about local fish markets, local sustainable seafood, and underutilized species thus creating new access to markets for Puerto Rico’s fishermen. Project will engage industry stakeholders and develop an outreach plan to facilitate access and commercialize sustainable products.

The Ocean Foundation
Tracking Habitat Use and Movement of  Atlantic Leatherbacks in the Northern Caribbean (PR, USVI)
Investigate the nesting population dynamics of leatherback sea turtles within and between the beaches of St. Croix and Puerto Rico. Project will monitor turtle movements using satellite tags through the nesting season to understand if populations are declining or shifting use of Caribbean beaches.

University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla
Strengthening Puerto Rico’s Natural Coastal Systems Through Ecological Restoration, Education and Community Engagement (PR)
Restore and monitor damaged coastal dunes using environmental education to engage local community. Project will strengthen coastal resilience to mitigate future storms, floods and other natural hazards; achieve ecological conservation and biodiversity through dune restoration and monitoring; and educate and engage the population using the Latino Earth Partnership, a 10-step restoration education process and citizen science program.