Ducks Unlimited
Outreach and Education for Responsible Outdoor Recreation (TN)
Deploy creative communication and outreach tools that seizes on opportunities to foster safe and responsible outdoor activities while strengthening support for fish and wildlife conservation and public conservation. 

Heights Community Development Corporation
Right-of-Way Restoration and Maintenance in the Wolf River Watershed (TN)
Improve water quality in the Wolf River watershed by removing invasive plants, trash and debris and installing bioswales that will act as nature-based infrastructure on 8 miles of urban roadways. Project will mobilize 450 volunteers as well as engage 220 students and 10 teachers to accomplish these outcomes which will prevent 20,000 pounds of trash and debris entering the river each year.

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation
Revising the Lower Mississippi Desired Forest Condition for Wildlife Report (multiple states)
Update the Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture’s Desired Forest Condition for Wildlife report, which provides technical guidance to land managers on how to manage bottomland hardwood forests for the conservation of wildlife. Project will revise the report to integrate new science on the habitat needs of priority wildlife species, include updates from the Forest Resource Conservation Working Group, and add a section dedicated to the management of restored or young bottomland hardwood stands.

Mississippi River Trust
Forest and Wetlands Restoration and Management in the Mississippi River Basin (KY, MO, TN)
Restore and enhance privately owned upland, riparian and bottomland hardwood forests through technical and financial assistance within the Mississippi River Basin in Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee. Project will engage private landowners to implement conservation practices on 3,000 acres to improve forest health, reduce forest fuels, improve water quality and improve ecological functions, benefiting forest birds, waterfowl and aquatic species.

Mississippi River Trust
Forested Wetland Restoration in the Lower Mississippi River Floodplain (multiple states)
Reforest and protect frequently flooded, marginal cropland on private lands through the adoption of Wetland Reserve Easements in the active floodplain of the Lower Mississippi River. Project will establish 7,500 acres of bottomland hardwood forest to expand and enhance habitat and improve water quality, benefiting the Louisiana black bear, swamp rabbit, forest birds, waterfowl and freshwater fish.

Pheasants Forever
Accelerating Forest Restoration and Management in the Cumberland Plateau (TN)
Increase private landowner technical assistance in the Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee to restore and enhance forest and freshwater habitats. Project will engage 450 landowners to establish or enhance more than 1,000 acres of shortleaf pine-oak and riparian forest and implement best management practices on 350 acres of agricultural land to improve forest habitat and water quality, benefiting northern bobwhite and prairie warbler, as well as freshwater fishes and mussels.

Tennessee Aquarium
Increasing Adoption of Soil Health Practices on the Cumberland Plateau (TN)
Reduce soil degradation and runoff by implementing no-till and other soil health practices on vegetable farms in Bledsoe, Rhea, and Sequatchie counties, Tennessee. Project will engage 100 private landowners and producers through field days and a demonstration video to implement environmentally sustainable and profitable farming practices on 150 acres, which will improve water quality and protect and improve habitat for the laurel dace, Tennessee dace, and many other freshwater fish.

Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Expanding Prescribed Fire Implementation on the Cumberland Plateau — II (TN)
Expand prescribed burning on public and privately owned shortleaf pine forests in the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee to benefit birds such as Bachman’s sparrow, prairie warbler and northern bobwhite. Project will support a prescribed fire strike team that will implement at least 1,500 acres of prescribed burning.