Ducks Unlimited
Restoring Forested Wetlands in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley of Arkansas and Louisiana
Perform hydrologic and forest enhancement and restoration activities on private land in Louisiana and Arkansas and public land in Arkansas. Project will restore hydrology, enhance existing forests, and reforest areas to impact a total of 1,450 acres, benefiting migratory waterfowl, Louisiana black bear and other forested wetland-dependent species.

Mississippi River Trust
Restoring Bottomland Hardwood Wetland Habitat in the Lower Mississippi River Floodplain (AR, MS, LA)
Work with private landowners to reforest and protect 2,000 acres of frequently flooded, mostly cleared land through the adoption of Natural Resources Conservation Service Wetland Reserve Easements in the active floodplain of the Lower Mississippi River. Project will expand and enhance habitat for the Louisiana black bear, swamp rabbit, forest-dwelling birds, waterfowl, and freshwater fish; improve water quality in the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico; and increase carbon sequestration.

The Carbon Fund
Restoring Forests for Wildlife and Carbon in the Mississippi River Floodplain (multiple states)
Pilot a forest restoration program to improve wildlife habitat and carbon sequestration and storage within the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Project will provide outreach and technical and financial assistance to private landowners, with a focus on engaging historically underserved landowners, to reforest frequently flooded marginal cropland benefiting Louisiana black bear and forest birds, including the prothonotary warbler.