Micronesian Conservation Coalition
Habitat Restoration and Community Engagement at Masso, Guam (GU)
Restore ravine forest and savanna habitat in Masso, Guam. Project will conduct baseline habitat surveys and monitoring, remove invasive vegetation, initiate a proof-of-concept study for the successful propagation and outplanting of native plants, maintain firebreaks, and engage the community in educational and volunteer events.

Tano Tasi yan Todu
Advancing Limestone Forest Conservation and Restoration on Guam (GU)
Advance restoration of limestone forests and support local government efforts to achieve long-term conservation management targets for Taguan, Anao, and Pagat, Guam. Project will conduct habitat and species surveys, identify project boundaries, research land-use history, remove invasive vegetation, propagate and outplant native plants, and engage the community in educational and volunteer events to enhance limestone forest habitat.

University of Guam
Explore New Coral Engineering Methods to Enhance Coral Reef Restoration in Guam
Develop a novel coral engineering method to enhance resilience in corals through micro-fusion of corals and study of associated microbiomes. Project will advance active restoration strategies for Acropora species and provide a tool for local adaptation of coral restoration techniques.

White Buffalo
Feral Ungulate-exclusion Fencing and Eradication in Taguan, Guam (GU)
Install an ungulate control fence around threatened limestone forest habitat in Taguan, Guam. Project will use highly effective and efficient methodologies to remove all invasive pigs and deer from within the fenced management unit in preparation for limestone forest restoration.